These Are the Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Road accidents claim 1.35 million lives every year globally.

All auto accidents are dangerous. But when a truck is involved, the risk becomes larger, and the losses become massive.

As a concerned road user, you should familiarize yourself with the common causes of truck accidents. The information can help you protect yourself and seek the right legal help if you become a victim.

Here are the common causes of accidents:


Most truck drivers are long-distance travelers. They travel for long hours without getting enough rest, and this causes tiredness. Too much fatigue affects the concentration of the drivers, increasing their vulnerability to accidents.

Truck drivers who travel for long hours per day should work in shifts to reduce accidents. They should also avoid working under pressure because extended driving hours can affect their health and cause accidents.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving refers to driving under the influence of drugs. When the truck driver takes alcohol and other hard drugs, the senses become less functional, thus increasing trucking accident vulnerability.

Furthermore, drugs decrease muscle energy and make the entire body weak.

Most truck drivers who drink heavily do so to stay sane and energetic during the whole trip. Sadly, this only causes adverse effects, the main one being accidents.

Truck drivers should avoid alcohol and hard drugs before they take the wheel. If they drink, then they should not drive to avoid causing accidents.


Over-speeding is the leading cause of collision accidents. It contributes to 25 percent of the total road accidents in the United States yearly.

Some truck drivers speed when under the influence of hard drugs or simply under pressure to deliver strict deadlines.

Nevertheless, it is illegal to over-speed. Even on the highways where the roads are clear, truck drivers should only drive within the set speed limit to avoid accidents.

Poor Road Lighting

Darkness is the leading cause of night accidents. When the streets are dark, truck drivers do not see well what is ahead or alongside them. The visibility can even become worse if the truck lighting is poor.

Truck drivers are encouraged to travel during the day and rest at night. And if it’s vital to travel at night, they should install excellent lighting systems.

Most importantly, they should be familiar with the roads and the nearby environment to reduce accidents even with poor lighting.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving refers to multitasking. Truck drivers are a common habit whereby they drive while eating, texting, calling, or doing other things.

When you multitask, the mind becomes divided into many activities. The division interferes with your normal driving concentrations, and that’s how many accidents happen.

When driving, the eyes should only focus on the road, not on people or smartphones. The hands should focus on the steering wheel only too.

Truck drivers who entertain distractions when driving risk their lives and those of others. They should learn to focus and stop the car if they must attend to an important phone call or message.

Bad Weather

Poor weather causes 6,000 deaths and 150,000 fatal injuries annually in the United States.

Rain is the primary form of poor weather for drivers. Too much rain affects truck drivers’ visibility, distracting them from driving well. Also, the rainy season brings forth mist and fog, which causes driving distractions.

Roads become slippery, too, during the rainy season. Even with careful driving, other vehicles may accidentally collide with you due to the harsh weather.

Bad weather is an environmental cause that no one can control. Therefore, truck accidents can only avoid bad weather accidents by staying home when the weather is unfriendly.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving refers to careless driving. It happens when the truck driver knowingly violates the traffic rules. Ideally, reckless driving disregards more than one traffic rule.

Examples of reckless driving behaviors include sudden brakes, driving without the headlights, disobeying traffic lights, etc. The irresponsible actions are done daily by truck operators and cause an average of 13,000 deaths every year in the U.S.

Besides being a common cause of road accidents, reckless driving is a crime. Drivers who indulge in irresponsible activities risk serious lawsuits if they hit someone.

Poor Truck Maintenance

As an actual commercial vehicle, a truck requires proper servicing and maintenance before getting on the road. The servicing includes replacing the tires, checking the brakes, lubricating some parts, etc.

The servicing should be done after every trip. The driver should also inspect the truck before commencing the journey and when they feel some parts are not working well.

A well-maintained truck reduces the time spent on the road and is less prone to trucking accidents.

Poor Driver Training

The law requires all truck drivers to undergo a comprehensive training program. The training should be held in a well-known certified driving school. After the training, they should co-drive for several months before they finally drive the truck on their own.

However, some people don’t follow the proper training procedures, and that’s how they end up causing road accidents. Teen drivers, and all people who drive trucks without proper training and experience, risk their lives and that of others.


Every truck has a weight limit for the cargo it should carry. If the weight exceeds that limit, the truck losses balance. Also, the excess cargo weight exerts pressure on the wheels, making them ineffective.

To avoid overloading accidents, truck drivers should only carry the recommended weight. If the cargo is heavy, they should ensure that the wheels are well serviced before and during the trip.

Contact an Experienced Truck accidents Lawyer.

You can get compensation if you have been involved in a truck accident. The settlement takes care of the injuries and the financial losses that truck accidents cause.

However, you should report the accident case immediately when it happens. You should also work alongside a great personal injury lawyer to help you get the justice you need.

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