10 Things you need to know before jumping off a parachute!

Parachute jumping can be quite an odyssey to repeat, although to many it may seem that the best thing to do is to stay still on the ground. However, one of the most fun and perhaps threatening activities is to jump from a parachute, so it’s best to be prepared when the family adventures come.

Prepare your mind!

Watch some videos or read some articles before the day comes. Educating yourself can be the most important thing to do in these activities. Forget negative headlines and meditate, that will help you calm your emotions and steady your mind as the day approaches.

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Prepare your body!

You don’t need to be physically fit to go skydiving, but doing a few warm-up exercises and stretches can be very helpful in keeping your body and muscles feeling loose once you are flying far away from the ground.

In the morning, do some jumping jacks or run for a while, and don’t forget to do a few basic stretches, particularly for your neck. Also, ask your doctor before jumping.

Learn how to breathe properly

This is highly linked to the previous points! Knowing how to breathe will make things easier for you. Up in the air, you feel like there’s less air, and it’s true. But you can avoid hyperventilation by knowing how to take deep and slow breaths instead of breathing like a psycho. If necessary, use your mouth to breathe!

Learn how to have a comfortable position

Many people throw themselves into the void without knowing which position is the best for them. Ask your instructor for help or watch some videos of how your body should look when jumping in a parachute.

Don’t wear unnecessary clothes

Don’t wear anything that will make your body gain more weight than it already has. Take a loose shirt, sneakers, forget about sweaters, and obviously, don’t take a hat with you. The cold air won’t be a problem once you have jumped.

Jumping off a parachute is Not hard

Many people believe that jumping with a parachute is one of the most difficult things to do in life. It might be, for people who are scared of heights, but with the right equipment and help, is like taking a walk to the park.

Everyone in the business is certified!

You might feel a bit scared about these people are certified or just lying to your face. Well, let me tell you something: They all have diplomas and certificates that will prove how professional they are.

If you get too scared, you don’t need to jump

Your instructor won’t make you jump out of the plane if you are too scared to do it. You paid for it, so the best thing to do is come back later and do it once you feel safer and calmer, no rush for such an amazing experience.

Look at the amazing view you have when free-falling

The free-fall can be terrifying, but once you get over your fears you will get another perspective of the amazing world that’s around you. Take advantage of those falling minutes to get a different experience of the things that surround you.

Don’t worry about landing

We all know that the thing that scares us the most of a fall is landing but take it easy. This time you won’t have to worry about that, your instructor will most likely do everything for you, so be cool!

To Conclude

We all know that heights are scary, but taking a step forward and enjoying an experience like this is something unique in life. Fears are allowed, but so is the preparation for you to do it!

Oscar Rojas
Oscar Rojas

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