7 Things You Should Know When Wearing a Suit

Wearing a suit is something that most men will have to do at some point in their lives no matter what they do. It’s practically inevitable and it’s best to be prepared for when the time comes, so you’d better know a few secrets about it.

The last button should always be open

Most of us have heard that buttons are made to be closed when talking about clothes, but this is not the case when you are talking about suits. The last button of suits is designed to not be used.

Is kinda confusing and we are aware of it. But the truth is once you let that last button open your suit will look better than in the beginning. Just beware of how most famous use it and you might be surprised once you realize this is how they actually wear it.

Unfasten your buttons if you are sit

Maybe one of the most common things around the world, at least for a lot of men, is that if you don’t unfasten your buttons when you are using a suit while you are sitting somewhere, you might look like a stuffed potato.

If you are going to stay in a place for a long time take your time to unfasten your buttons and you will feel more comfortable. Also, you will look better in your suit if you don’t look like you are about to explode.

This is something that even famous people do. So don’t worry about giving a bad impression to others.

Dark suit? Wear light pocket scarves 

If you don’t have scarves then you can choose something that resembles them, because it will make you look better in your dark suit. The reason behind this is not because it looks fancy, or something like that.

Truth be told, you will look better in your suit because once you mix a, let’s say, dark blue or black suit with some white scarves, it will make you seem like you are glowing or something like that.

You can obviously use those scarves if you need them, so it’s a double advantage for you in case you need a bit of help when something unexpected happens.

Use luxury watches, forget about sports ones

You might get the idea that mixing your good ol’ Adidas watch with your suit will make you the trending topic of the party. Well, we are going to tell you something about it: that is not going to happen.

More than being the trending topic of a party or a reunion, you will be something like the weirdo who doesn’t know how to dress up. Save that sports watch for later.

If you don’t have a luxury watch, or at least something similar to it, you can go to stores like Topman to get one for yourself.

Don’t get an oversized suit

One of the main trouble we get while trying a suit on is the fact that we tend to look for an extra size of what we actually wear. We might think that this is normal when using different clothes, but the suit is not an option to use as an oversized item.

If you are going to buy a suit then remember a golden rule: the shoulders of the suit should hug your shoulders. If this doesn’t happen, then look for a different suit.

Say no to baggy trousers

This rule is similar to the oversized suit but at the same time, it’s kinda different because we are talking about something that’s completely different.

Trousers are always important when using a suit, so if you are using one that’s all baggy, then you better put it back in your closet. Remember that there are companies similar to Lendup that will give you some extra money in case you need to buy one.

Wear shoes that match the color of your suit

If you are wearing a black suit, you should know that there are colors that actually fit with the suit. But, for example, if you are using a light blue, then you can’t match it with some dark shoes.

Try to remember this and you will get a perfect match between your suit and your shoes every time you wear them.

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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