5 Tips For Choosing A Crane Truck

Like other heavy equipment, crane trucks are a valuable piece of equipment in various industries,
such as construction, manufacturing, and even the transportation of heavy items. They perform
different tasks like moving and lifting heavy-duty materials for various purposes.
That’s their main point of use, combining the lifting capacity of cranes and the logistic ease of
trucks to make jobs more efficient and seamless.
If you’re running a business in any of those industries, investing in a good crane truck is crucial
to streamlining your operations and improving your worksite’s overall efficiency. Fortunately,
there’s no shortage of options in the market today. You only have to pick which one suits your
project needs while remaining useful for future work.
To save you the hassle, here are five tips you can use to find the right crane truck for your firm.

Crane Truck

Consider The Financial Cost

Like other heavy-duty equipment, you must think of a crane truck as a significant investment.
Therefore, it’s crucial to factor in the financial cost of getting one before buying.
You should determine how to invest in a crane truck to help you find the best option for your
business needs. For example, buying may be an ideal choice if your work is ongoing, and you
need a crane truck for long-term use.
However, if your needs are unpredictable or only on a contractual basis, hiring one from
companies that offer a wide range of crane truck hire services may be the better option to save
One of the great things about hiring heavy vehicles is that they’re well-maintained and fitted out
with reliable, top-notch safety equipment, making crane truck operations safer.
Whether you purchase or rent a crane truck, knowing your options should help you make
decisions that best suit your project needs and budget.

Determine Your Load Needs

As mentioned before, crane trucks are used to move large loads, making them highly useful in
heavy-duty work. But like other equipment, they also have their share of limitations to consider.
The load weight is a big one. This refers to the crane truck’s overall carrying capacity. Always
check and compare the load weights of different ones before making a purchase.
Match the equipment’s loading capacity to your load requirements to avoid lifting issues. For
example, using a low-capacity crane truck for a heavy load may cause fatal accidents and
damage goods or materials. Meanwhile, a high-capacity one for smaller bags of material is a
waste of labor, money, and time.

Check Your Load’s Lifting Height

Following the previous point, another limitation to consider is the lifting height. The higher you
lift a load, the more strain it places on your vehicle.
Thus, you should figure out how high you intend to lift materials to know your ideal lifting
height. For example, if you’re handling a construction project that goes up several stories, you
need a crane truck with a great lifting height capacity to do the job correctly.
On that note, site obstructions should also be considered when getting a crane truck. For
instance, buildings, powerlines, streetlights, and trees can make crane truck operations more
So, evaluate your project’s needs, including potential obstructions, to avoid inefficiency and
safety hazards at the worksite. This should also help you figure out the right lifting height for
your crane truck.

Crane Truck

Know The Terrain On Your Worksite

Generally, all crane trucks should operate on a firm footing to ensure safety. Otherwise, these
heavy vehicles won’t get the support they need to move loads safely and efficiently, creating a
lot of hazards in your worksite.
Because of this, considering what type of terrain you have is essential to choosing the
appropriate crane truck. If your worksite is in a location where the weather is unpredictable, go
for all-terrain wheeled crane trucks since they’re suitable for most ground conditions, especially
By knowing the terrain on your worksite, you can select a crane truck with proper mobility and
stability for seamless operations.
5. Assess The Site Access And Moving Distance
It’s also crucial to evaluate site access when selecting a crane truck. Figure out whether the
worksite is accessible to all types of crane trucks. Then, get one that can navigate the area
without coming across obstacles that end up pushing your work schedule back.
Moreover, checking how much moving distance the crane truck needs to do its job is also
essential. For example, a mobile crane may be a perfect choice if the heavy vehicle needs to
access multiple areas.

Know Which To Pick
Looking for a crane truck requires several common-sense considerations. These tips should make
them clear for project managers everywhere. Focus on your specific needs to make the best

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