Tips for Designing a Teen’s Bedroom

There is no one way to design a bedroom, even for teenagers. The bedroom is a private sanctuary, and even the little ones want a room where they can rest comfortably and have their space personalized. All kids have their distinctive styles, and the bedroom should reflect just that.

In all honesty, styling a teenager’s bedroom is not easy. You have to consider what they like, their styles, and their interest while also keeping in mind the functionality and versatility of the items you include in the room. The bottom line is you need to decorate the room in a style that will make them happy but also serve some purpose and can last a while before you have to re-decorate.

Here are some tips when designing your teen’s room.

Lounge areas are a must.

The first thing you have to think about is the kid’s lounge area. And by the lounge area, I mean a space where your kids can hang out and play games with their friends during the weekends or the holidays. Not only does a lounge/play area separate the sleeping environment from the games, but it also helps to keep the room clean and also provides extra storage for your kid’s items, keeping the room a little bit organized.

A suitable sleeping environment

Teenagers are growing kids, so they still need proper, comfortable sleep. You need to ensure your kid has a good-sized bed and a quality mattress so they can get the best quality sleep to promote healthy growth. Get a bigger bed that they will not grow out of quickly. Pair that with a good, high-quality mattress. The trusted Lull mattress reviews can help you find a suitable mattress that will help you cater to the needs of your growing teenagers.

Create a workspace for homework and study

Creating a workspace for your teenager is important in creating a distraction-free environment when they are studying or doing homework while at home. Doing this will help your teenager set aside space in their bedroom where they can focus on schoolwork alone and get things done. It also helps keep the room tidy by separating school work from home life. Desks are always more comfortable and increase the chances of concentration by the child.

Smart storage solutions

In order to keep the room clean and clutter-free, you need to teach your teenager how to tidy up. Adding multiple storage solutions is one way to start. Building more shelves and adding smart storage on blank walls will provide more space for the items in your kid’s room. Having a place to put an item back once they are done with it will be easier, therefore, enforcing a good cleaning lifestyle for your child. With enough storage, you won’t have to argue with them about picking stuff up from the floor or the bed.

Layer some colors – go for bold options.

The only way you can get the colors right is by having a conversation with your kids. Once you have established what colors they like, it will be easier for you to choose furniture and items that suit their style. You can use several hues of their favorite color to create either a bold or monochromatic look for the bedroom.

Display their hobbies as art

There is no better way to customize or personalize a teen’s room than by incorporating a piece of their hobbies as art in their bedroom. You would be surprised how much happier and more relaxed your teens will get when you personalize their bedroom with their own pieces. It does not have to be physical art. You can add a cabinet for all their trophies, hang their basketball or baseball bat on one side of the wall or have a picture of something they really like or enjoy doing.

Stylish window treatments

Window treatments work as great insulators, especially during the summer. They allow you to control the light and privacy levels in the room. Because they are teens, you can look for window treatments that display beautiful patterns and have subtle textures to make the area look more stylish.

Wallpaper does the trick!

Wallpapers come in unlimited types and colors. They are durable and, unlike paint, can take the wear and tear of kids very well. Styling the walls with wallpaper is easier than compared to repainting the room every time you have to switch up the style.

Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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