5 Tips for Successful Business Software Integration

Is your business ready for the artificial intelligence revolution? 86% of surveyed executives believe that AI is already becoming a mainstream technology, and that’s just one part of business software integration.

Your business already relies on software for email, customer management, advertising, and multiple other functions. Moreover, that software constantly improves, so it’s vital to have your finger on the pulse and be open to new opportunities.

Business software comes and goes, and every forward-thinking organization will find itself integrating software over time. Here, we look at seven digital business tips to make doing so as seamless as possible.

1. Excite Your Employees

The chances are you’ll have at least one employee resistant to change. Some people just like things the way they are and prefer them to stay that way! Fortunately, even the most inexorable worker will quickly fall in love with new software when given a reason to get excited.

2. Bring Some Expertise In-House

You’ve probably seen how complex even mainstream business software can get. Salesforce has an entire learning center, complete with credentials! Most service packages come with vendor support, but that’s no reason not to ask some of your employees to become experts who can assist others.

3. Define a Project Owner

Beyond helping with training, it’s always a good idea to define an owner in any integration. The team members that make the decisions rarely have the time to deal with support inquiries or deploy updates. It’s, therefore, always worth tasking an individual or team to ensure the software works smoothly.

4. Encourage Innovation Through New Tools

Excellent business software enables companies and their employees to achieve more. Take the Axomo software. You might deploy it in your business to help with human resources, but it’s equally capable of revolutionizing marketing and finance. Give employees across these teams the opportunity to see if it can work for them and get even more value from the software in the process.

5. Welcome Communication Between Employees and Vendors

If you select business software off the shelf, it wasn’t designed specifically with your brand and way of working in mind. However, most software developers are passionate about making their wares as fantastic as possible. If there are tweaks, updates, or changes that would make it a better fit for how you work, make it happen!

Make a Splash With Software Integration

From automation to efficiency and much more besides, there’s always a new software integration to consider in any business. It’s not always cheap or easy to deploy business software, but it’s often worth the investment.

Making the integration as painless as possible should always be a priority, and the business software tips above should help make any new deployment a pleasure.

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Oscar Rojas
Oscar Rojas

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