9 Tips on Planning Bachelorette Parties for Beginners

Pop the champagne! Your best friend just said yes to the man of her dreams, and now it’s time for you to send her off into married life with the perfect bachelorette party. But where to begin? There are many things to consider, from the guest list to the venue to the theme and more! Sit back, relax, and continue reading. We’ve covered you with the top 9 tips for planning bachelorette parties!

1. Have a Pre-Bachelorette Gathering

Get in touch with a few of the bride’s closest friends (and family members, if applicable) for a bit of a brainstorming session!

The main reason for this is to figure out hints the bride has dropped about her bachelorettes, provided it’s a surprise of course.

Putting a few heads together can be a lot easier and stress-free than trying to carry out everything yourself.

So set up a coffee date, get together, and take a notepad and pen. The pre-bachelorette gathering should solve a few of your basic to-do’s:

  • Setting a date
  • Narrowing down a venue
  • Listing some themes
  • Writing a guestlist
  • Deciding on who is responsible for what

Once you’ve got these basics down, you’re ready for the next bachelorette planning tip!

2. Decide on Some Bigger Details

You’ve got your basic plan together, but there are a few more things you need to decide on:

  1. Who is paying for what?
  2. What is your final theme?
  3. Are you doing coordinated outfits?

Along with organizing responsibilities comes the discussion of money. Some bridal party members will be more well off than others. So be open-minded when you discuss who is going to pay for what. It’s never a good idea to push for an expensive bachelorette party if not everybody can contribute equally, so keep that in mind.

Part of this step is finalizing and finding the best place for a bachelorette party. Your venue is one of the biggest parts of making your day special. Get that booked as early as possible.

3. Save the Date Sending

Often, you’ll need time to save money or prepare all the elements for the perfect bachelorette party. So, one of the first things you’ll want to do is send out a save-the-date.

You can do this in a fun, inexpensive way like online invitations.

It’s important you get the date out as soon as possible so that your guests can keep the date open.

4. make a note of Deadlines

When you’ve got details pinned down, you’ll notice your to-do list growing and seeming slightly overwhelming.

Ensure that you take note of all the deadlines for different vendors and suppliers.

When does the rental car need to be booked? When is the deposit due?

When does your venue need final attendee numbers by?

When do you need to pay the deposit on the decorations and balloons?

This is especially important if your guests are being asked to contribute financially or to cover the cost of their own attendance. You’ll need to give them time to put money aside and send it over so that you can start paying for certain things.

5. Put Together an Itinerary

You know everything there is to know about the big picture for the bachelorette party, but what about the activities on the day?

No bachelorette party is complete without silly games and awkward moments.

Set aside time to organize an itinerary for the day, including big and small tasks.

Take note of who is responsible for getting the bride to the party. Once she arrives, what then?

What time are the welcome cocktails served? How long do you have for games? Include time for the opening of presents.

Also, ensure there is ample time for people to fill their stomachs in between drinks. Otherwise, your day may be over before you even know it.

Side Note: although it’s important to have the day planned out, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to cram too much into the day or the weekend and be found that you’re disappointed by not finding the time to do everything. 

6. The Invitation Sending

Once you’ve tied down everything up until this point, it’s time to send out a more detailed invitation. You’ll want to include everything from date, time, and location to things guests should wear or bring along.

Most importantly, if you’re hoping the bride gets certain gifts, then a list of lingerie sizes or other applicable information should be included too.

7. Plan for Photography

Your bride’s bachelorette party is a special day. It should be photographed so that she can reflect on the day and have fond memories.

If you don’t have the budget for a professional photographer, perhaps ask if any of the guests have a nice camera they can bring along and ask if they wouldn’t mind being in charge of photographs for the day.

Lastly, it’s a cute idea to have some photographic props available to make for some silly moments.

8. Prepare for the Worst Case Scenario

It’s always a good idea to have a plan B. If your bachelorette party is going to be an outside event, then what will you do if it rains?

Speak to your venue about alternative arrangements if something happens on the day that forces you to improvise.

9. Remember It’s All About the Bride

This may seem silly, but remember that the bachelorette party you’re planning is all about the bride.

You may have some members of the bridal party trying to throw in their ideas or take charge by pushing them to do things they like.

Remind everyone that the day is about the bride. If she’s an introvert, she may not like activities that put her too far out of the box. So make sure all your planning revolves around her preferences.

Planning Bachelorette Parties Successfully

Right, you’ve got the most important parts of planning bachelorette parties down, from where you’re going to what to expect.

Remember, it’s mostly the thought that counts, and that goes for bachelorette parties too. Make it as special and memorable as possible for the bride, not just a massive drinking session.

Include special moments. Even a message from the groom on the day will go a long way.

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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