4 Totally Interesting and Weird Facts About Florida

When you think about Florida, you probably think about Mickey Mouse, Disney World, Star Wars, and a whole lot of tourists. There is more to Florida than tourism, sunshine, and hurricanes. We have compiled this list of weird facts about Florida that you might not be familiar with.

Florida is an odd state, after all.

1. Iguanas Can Fall Out of Trees

Yes, you read that correctly. The famous tropical iguanas that roam around Florida can fall out of trees. Iguanas thrive in warm weather, and when Florida has a cold front, and the temperatures drop, it affects these cold-blooded animals.

When temperatures get down into the 50s, iguanas become lethargic, and in the 40s, they stiffen up because their blood is not able to move around as quickly in their bodies. If they happen to be up on a tree, they will fall out of the tree and stay stiff on the ground.

They don’t always die. They just return back to normal once the temperatures go back up again. If you ever witness this, please do not try to move them or touch them. If you don’t leave them alone, they might feel threatened and can bite you once they warm up.

If you move to Florida and feel that the iguanas are being a nuisance, you can get rid of iguanas safely without having to hunt them.

2. Area Code 321

If you call a friend, family member, or a business in Florida with the area code 321, think about the countdown at the Kennedy Space Center. The reason this area code was put into service in 1999 in Brevard County was in reference to the spacecraft countdowns that were happening in Florida.

3. Flat State

You might have heard that Florida is a flat state before, but not only is it a flat state, it is the flattest state in the United States. The highest elevation is only 345 ft. This is in Britton Hill, which is in the Florida panhandle.

You will not see mountains anywhere in the state, or hills for that matter.

4. Largest City in the United States

Florida is home to the largest city in the entire country. Jacksonville, Florida, believe it or not, is bigger than any other city in the United States. This is the largest city by area because it is over 840 square miles.

It is not the biggest city by population, though. This is still New York City.

How Do You Feel About These Weird Facts About Florida?

Now that you know some weird facts about Florida, what are your views now on the sunshine state? There is more to it than sunshine, huh? These are only four weird facts. There are even more out there to blow your mind, like it is illegal to skateboard without a license.

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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