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With the enormous competition in all markets, knowing your customers in detail is essential. To do this, it is necessary to understand the most avant-garde points of the moment, an objective that Trend Hunter seeks to cover.

Trend Hunter is a platform dedicated to offering you articles about the most important products for different markets. Their goal is to give you the best of the moment so that you get ideas for successful business strategies. Thus, they have become a fundamental tool for business owners, millionaires, and entrepreneurs.

On their website, you can find sections dedicated to innovation, research, and even promising products. This way, you will be able to implement the information provided by Trend Hunder in practically any aspect of your life.

This platform contains a large number of categories to analyze. Each of them presents interesting data, so we decided to bring you a guide to all the functions that you will find in Trend Hunter.

What is Trend Hunter?

This is nothing more than a platform with articles dedicated to various topics. The main focus of Trend Hunter is to bring you the most cutting-edge products, services, and projects possible. Here, you will not have a simple list of good articles. You will enjoy those products that might represent the market of tomorrow exclusively.

You can find different categories from the moment you get to their home page. There are eight basic sections: Ideas, Perspectives, Innovation, Custom Research, Dashboard, Books, Notes, and Events.

The first three categories represent the platform’s basic and most important functions. You will find the items used by different brands to innovate in their respective markets.

Meanwhile, the rest of the sections on the platform are linked to premium paid tools. Their main objective is to offer you a personalized service to keep you at the forefront of the market you want. In addition, other types of articles that could have an important influence on your development as an entrepreneur are included.

This way, Trend Hunter becomes an essential tool for all types of cutting-edge entrepreneurs.

How does Trend Hunter work?

There is no need to comply with a previous protocol to use Trend Hunter. From the moment you enter its website, you can access the different sections of the page. If you are attracted to a particular article, you can click on it and read its content.

These are developed in a very similar way to a blog. There is only a series of data linked to the article’s central theme. Of course, all the articles revolve around products and ideas of the moment.

Even if you have entered a section, you will see subcategories in this section. Thus, you can choose different topics, such as fashion, technology, design, culture, business, ecology, etc.

On the other hand, if you access the custom research section, you will find a different layout. Here, you will not have simple articles on a particular topic. This section brings you different plans to get information about what is happening in the world with a particular market. Thus, you will be able to have the most updated information possible to start improving your business.

In addition to this section, another category is dedicated to giving you much more in-depth information. You will find it under the name Dashboard, allowing you to customize your Trend Hunter search. This way, you can develop a fully customized version of the platform. This contains hundreds of thousands of users with various innovative products.

You also have a section for books. Unlike the other sections, these are dedicated to bringing you innovative products or educating you more on the market. Most of the books available are intended to act as a guide in today’s market. Thus, you will be able to receive advice and feasible ideas to bring considerable improvements to your business model.

At the moment they do not have a wide variety of books. They only have five different books, but each deals with a different and essential topic for entrepreneurship.

Finally, two sections are devoted entirely to events and notes developed by Jeremy Gutsche. This is the owner of Trend Hunter, who has been outrageously successful both as a writer and an entrepreneur.

How much does Trend Hunter cost?

There is no cost to experience Trend Hunter articles. You can access the platform and enjoy the articles any time you want without paying any fee. However, if you access this platform for more information, you must purchase a paid service.

The first of all is customized research. This function has a variable cost that will depend on your objective. All this must be specified with the Trend Hunter team to receive a quote for the service. This will be done by making a call to their customer service team.

Concerning the Dashboard system, this already has a preset amount. Its cost is $324 per month, but it currently has a discount to cancel of $199. The invoice is debited annually.

You can also purchase the personalized notes service. This does not have a pre-established cost, so you will necessarily have to contact the Trend Hunter team. It contains notes and workshops on the market’s future, talks on cutting-edge products, and introductions to different topics.

Additionally, you can read some of the platform’s books completely free. Specifically, you can access the electronic version of Chaos & Opportunity and Disruptive Innovation & The Top 18 Megatrends. Meanwhile, the rest of the books found in the catalog must be purchased, presenting prices under $20.

Finally, you have the Accelerator plan, which comprises the functions of all the other services. Thus, you can access innovation notes, customized research, and even Trend Hunter’s PRO Dashboard. As with most of the services on the platform, you will have to contact the website to determine the cost you have to pay.

The only negative aspect of this platform is the high prices. However, few companies manage to offer you such high-quality information accompanied by these types of features.

Trend report for 2023

If you fill out a form requested by the platform, you can receive a 2023 form free of charge. This presents all the products, ideas, and innovation projects that could be relevant in the coming year. Many of them already have a certain track record today, so this is not unsubstantiated data.

In addition, by requesting this information, you will automatically be subscribed to the Tren Hunter journal. This will allow you to receive any promotion or relevant announcement on the most important topics. You will receive all this every week, allowing you always to be as updated as possible in the market of your interest.

Payment Methods

The only payment methods available on the platform are credit and debit cards. It is not possible to use any other alternative. However, in the case of books, you will be redirected to the Amazon platform at the time of payment. Thus, the available payment methods will depend on the latter platform.

Additionally, your card may be automatically added to your Tren Hunter account. You must consider this if you do not want the fee automatically canceled.

Is Trend Hunter safe to use?  

Trend Hunter users are delighted with this platform almost unanimously. This is because it is a safe platform you should not be wary of. You have full access to most of its sections and can enjoy its articles without any problem. In addition, it is not necessary to have an account on the platform, so you should not enter any personal data.

If you want an account in Trend Hunter, you should not feel insecure. The platform has all the necessary protocols to maintain your integrity. They do not share your data with any other entity except when it is done to improve your experience on the platform. In this way, they manage to offer you the perfect products for you.

On the other hand, the public has greatly accepted their articles. They indicate that they always receive the best possible information, allowing them to improve their business considerably. For these reasons, practically all its users recommend taking a look at Trend Hunter.

Trend Hunter


Trend Hunter complies perfectly with all the necessary legal clauses. You can access this platform without any problem from multiple locations worldwide. Moreover, you are not offered any kind of service that might not be considered legal.

On the other hand, the book-selling service is partially subject to Amazon’s legal section. As Amazon is responsible for distribution, Trend Hunter cannot be held responsible for shipping issues.


Regarding trust, you have one of the most relevant platforms worldwide in this market. Many companies use the services of Trend Hunter to keep themselves as updated as possible. Thus, it is safe to say that the recommendations made by the platform are correct. All of its products represent the element of relevance to today’s markets.

There are also no trust issues regarding the transactions made on the website. It handles payments quickly and securely, avoiding all costs of asking you for a lot of information. In addition, the inserted data is isolated and protected from any kind of possible theft. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt Trend Hunter.

On the other hand, the quality of the information is also guaranteed. They have qualified speakers in their keynotes and events, avoiding misinformation and ensuring you get what you expect. You can even inquire about the speakers’ training from Trend Hunter’s website.


  • Wide variety of categories
  • Free articles
  • Personalized services
  • Available virtually
  • Guaranteed information quality


  • High prices

Complaints and opinions

Generally speaking, it is one of the best platforms to find trends in the market. For this reason, its users are more than satisfied with the service provided. There are practically no complaints, and most opinions are positive.

They only have some occasional problems when interacting with the support team. The support team does not seem as attentive as it should be and may even present certain problems when they have a doubt or inconvenience. Thus, it is a bit complex to solve problems on the platform.

Despite this, the rest of the section keeps up with the platform. This is the only point that can be considered harmful. In addition, these complaints are punctual, and most of its users have not presented problems with this platform tool.


Trend Hunter is the best platform to find trending products. No other website can provide objective information about the most relevant products. In addition, it is not limited to a single type of article. By having so many categories, you will always be able to stay ahead of the market.

On the other hand, the lack of costs in their articles is crucial for small entrepreneurs. Here, they will find all kinds of products, finding the perfect one for their market. At the same time, the platform contains payment tools for those who are interested. These have been used by large companies all over the world, so quality is assured.

For these reasons, there is no reason to emphasize the use of Trend Hunter. We recommend you to enter this page if you are searching for the most important articles of the moment. Regardless of your target audience, you may find interesting options on this platform.

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