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Keeping our finances up to date, and even worse, saving can be quite difficult.

I mean, do you have an idea of what you spend each dollar you consume per month? Of course not. It is quite difficult to keep track, especially when dealing with small consumption and fixed subscriptions that we rarely cancel.

But these small expenses stack up, and technology offers us a simple way out through programs and savings applications to reduce the impact of our spending on our ability to save.

For this reason, we decided to review Trim Financial Manager, a tool that promises to help you – in an invasive way, of course –to improve your personal finances.

What Is Trim Financial Manager?

It is an application for Android and IOS that helps you control your finances. Still, most of all, it is a ChatBot, which generates notices of consumption, recommendations on your consumption, and even allows you to interact by deciding which consumption to reduce or not.

How Does It Work?

You install the app, associate it with your bank accounts, and it starts doing its job. You will receive information about the consumptions you make, from the most basic transactions to your monthly fixed outcomes.

In the chat, you can decide whether to cancel any subscription or on your own to consider the consumption that Trim indicates as unnecessary.

In this way, it helps you reduce expenses, but there is a bit more to it.

Main Features

What makes the Trim app special is that it offers you some advantages besides counting and recommending, for example:

Trim offers Amazon Price protection.

Part of the power of Trim Financial Manager is in its contacts. Through the Amazon customer protection system, if a product you bought lowers its price within a range of time provided by the system, Trim gets you a refund for the difference.

They also renegotiate your cable!

Trim is also responsible for renegotiating your bill with some cable companies, meaning long-term savings for you. -Although this function has a cost, it is 25% of the amount you save during the first month of reduced invoice, so it is not much-

The interesting thing about this is that you will save money without changing the cable TV service plan. The downside is that only certain cable companies apply.

Cancel subscriptions

When doing the initial review, the app will show you your subscriptions per monthly payment and the amounts you pay for each of them. After this, you can cancel any based on the use you give them, or if you want to let them go, then too.

To do this, enter the command “Cancel X,” where “X” is the name of the company to which you are subscribed.

Keep Track of What You Spend

Another feature of this app is that it helps you keep track of each expense you make with luxury detail. The analysis tool also allows you to observe the expenses you do each month and compare it with previous months on similar dates. -This is great for identifying unnecessary consumption patterns.

Making a Budget

The main application of Trim is a budgeting tool. This app allows you to analyze your consumption and prepare a monthly budget to guide your consumption correctly.

Note – Will try to cancel the subscription to your name; however, the company may require your express consent to do so somehow.

The Price

Incredibly, Trim is free in each one of your presentations so far. Although the company promises management of professional finances in the future, the app does not require any payment on your part other than for functions that generate extra savings and only take away a percentage of the savings generated in the first month.

Trim offers another payment service. Simple savings account with a 1.5% monthly interest. This account, however, has a maintenance cost of $ 2.

At the End

Trim Financial Manager is an excellent budgeting tool. Although it has few functions and the ChatBot is a bit rough, the fact is that it offers a fairly complete service for a free tool.

When looking for ways to save, you must consider tools to reduce your expenses, and Trim can help you to know what you spend more -The only visible disadvantage is that continuing or not depends more on your willpower. But hey! It’s free, and the administrators promise that it will continue to be.

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