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You must have come across Tripadvisor if you have been researching existing travel agencies. It provides a search service for travellers from all over the world. This point has allowed them to crown themselves as the travel agency with the largest platform on the planet.

Many features make Tripadvisor a popular platform among travellers. However, they also have points to improve. That is why we explain the most important aspects of this travel agency in detail.

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How does TripAdvisor work?

When you enter the platform, you will find many boxes and options. Don’t despair; on the main page, you will find their different options. These are common needs for any traveller: hotels, rentals, entertainment, restaurants, forums, and more.

You must indicate the destination as the first requirement for any of the options you select. Once you enter the goal, the page will redirect you to an interface with options depending on the chosen section. If you decide on hotels, the interface will display a catalogue of hotels; it’s as simple as that.

Within this same interface, you also have other options to modify depending on the selected section. In hotels, you will choose the check-in/check-out date; in restaurants, you can book; in flights, you can choose the dates; depending on what you put in these options, one or other alternatives will appear, acting like a search filter.

It is worth mentioning that you also have other essential filter aspects such as prices, number of rooms, etc.

Another function integrated into the web portal is the option to filter establishments with COVID-19 regulations. It is as simple as checking this box. Once you have done this, the search engine will only show you options that meet this requirement.

How reasonable are prices at TripAdvisor?

Since this is a travel agency, it is difficult to give you an average price for the rates. However, most of their users rate them as the best value for money. They offer competitive prices and the ability to check and compare with other alternatives.

You can filter the options in the search engine based on price. However, these will all be rates offered by the partner itself.

They tell you in detail that the prices are averages provided by their partners. They cannot tell you the exact amount with all charges and taxes. They only give you approximate prices. They assure you that the prices are dynamic and vary according to the dates of reservation. You should take all this into account to avoid bad experiences.

Means of payment

Everything related to payment will depend on the supplier. If it is a hotel, it will depend on the hotel. Generally, you will be able to pay using credit cards as the main method.

They have some exciting functions at the time of payment. One of them is the Book now, pay later. The information related to this feature can be found by accessing the Help and Payment Center.

Here you are given the possibility to book a large number of available tours around the world. No deposit is required, just add a credit card to make the reservation. The only charge you will be the lowest denomination of currency to validate the card.

A payment reminder will be sent five days before the reservation date. This is to make the whole payment. Payment must be made 2 to 9 days before travel. The ticket will not be available until full payment is made.

Any other question related to payment can be solved in the same help section.

Is TripAdvisor reliable?

The company takes the protection of your data very seriously. They are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy at all times. All the services provided in the web portal are property of Tripadvisor LLC. In turn, this is the same person who operates any movement.

Only the data provided during registration will be stored. The data received may be shared with Tripadvisor partners. However, this is only done to improve the service offered and personalize your experience.

You should not feel concerned about your privacy when browsing their website. This is a highly professional company, which prioritizes your safety at all times.

Regarding payments, they allow you to make refunds and cancellations. All this must follow a series of requirements established by the company itself. Refund information can be found in the platform’s Help Center. This way, you don’t have to worry about the security of your money either.

Finally, they do not have many opinions related to scams. They are usually misunderstandings already solved by Tripadvisor staff or partners. The ideas given by the users themselves are above 4.2/5.

Customer service

When accessing the Help Center section, you will find several options to select from. There are two sections: for travellers and owners. The latter is aimed at those Tripadvisor partners who are recommended businesses on the platform.

You will find many frequently asked questions and recurring issues in this section. They do not have another method of life help. However, this section is extremely complete and perfect for any questions you may have.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
·       Competitive prices

·       A large number of filters

·       Option for establishments with COVID-19 conditions

·       Very nurturing customer service

·       Extreme security and peace of mind

·       Lack of live support methods

To sum Up

After analyzing every aspect of Tripadvisor, we can conclude that this may be one of the best options in the market. It has a globalized and highly complete service. You can add a large number of filters to find your ideal option.

The platform is not limited to hotel recommendations only. You can find restaurants, attractions, museums, and much more on the same website. In short, Tripadvisor allows you to plan your trip from zero to one hundred using a single platform. It is ideal for any traveller. Because of this, we recommend you to use it.

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