7 Unique Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate parties and events can sometimes feel like work if not well planned. However, such events always act as a break from daily work activities; therefore, it is essential to have the best entertainment ideas to make them as fun as possible.

Now that you have the venue, the perfect menu, décor, and probably the event’s theme, do not stop. To ensure that your guests and workmates have a good time, you need the best entertainment you can get.

Here are some entertainment ideas for corporate events.

1. Stage Shows

There are different stage shows that you can choose to have. When selecting a stage show, try to get one your guests will be involved in. Thrilling shows like comedy hypnosis shows will entertain your guests and give them a chance to try something new and exciting.

Stage hypnosis is natural, and almost everyone can be hypnotized. From curious guests to the more experienced ones, everybody will love to have a chance to experience the world of hypnosis, and this will make the event unique.

Other stage shows that you can consider are:

  • Magic shows
  • Stand-up corporate comedian
  • Dueling pianos
  • Fire performers, jugglers, or dancers

2. Celebrity Impersonators

Whether or not your event has a theme, celebrity impersonators always add some spice to an event. These actors are very skilled and will make your event livelier. So whether you want them to mingle with the crowd or put on some show, hiring them will be a smart choice for your event.

If you have a lot of time to plan your event, you can also book some impersonators and have them study the CEO and some top managers and mimic them on the day of the event. This is always fun.

However, do not forget to seek the approval of the people you intend to mimic in advance so that they are fully aware and are part of the fun too.

3. Casino

Give your guests and workmates a chance to try gambling even if they are not enthusiasts. Remember, it is for fun, so the stakes do not have to be that high. Set up a casino with slot machines, game tables, and professional croupiers.

To save money, especially if your budget is tight, you can opt for a rental service instead of buying the supplies and learning the rules. This will give your guests a great way to unwind, bond, and share some gambling tips.

A great tip would be to provide event-specific chips that the guests will use so that they do not lose or blow their money and end up feeling regret instead of having fun-filled memories.

4. Photo Booths

Photo booth selfies have been old-fashioned American fun ever since 1925. This has not changed.

Technology might have changed, and smartphones offer more convenience when taking selfies. However, so many people still grab the chance to take a picture in a photo booth whenever possible.

Today social photo booths make it even easier for people to take videos, GIFs, and still pictures. They can also choose to print or share the images or videos straight to their different social media platforms. Your guests will enjoy taking some photos together to memorize the day.

5. Music Performers

There is no better way to end a fun night than stepping into the dance floor and getting down to some groovy tunes, cheering on a colleague as they breakdance, or just trying out some old-school dance styles like the electric slide. Such moments are great for your guests to mingle and have fun.

You can consider booking a live band for your corporate event or any other type of music performer instead of opting for a disco. This is because some thrill comes with watching musicians strum the guitars, play the drums, and more.

Whether the band has its song or rock out some much-loved tunes, they will get your guests moving. Your guests can also get a chance to request the band to play some of their favorite songs and feel like part of the event or company.

6. Contests

Some little friendly competition is always fun and a great way to get your guests to put their best foot forward. For example, if you are having a themed event, like a costume event, you can inform your guests that there will be a prize for the best and worst dressed attendees.

During the event, you can incorporate ideas like caption contests, scavenger hunts, and maybe a pub-quiz-style trivia game that focuses on questions about the company or anything related to the company’s business.

7. Interactive Food and Drink Stations

Nothing brings people together like food or drinks together. So you can imagine how delighted your guests will be when they discover that the event has several interactive food and drink stations.

Have a customizable champagne bar, a cocktail bar where the guests get the chance to mix a few drinks and discover a new type of cocktail, live stir-fry stations for those who love cooking, a donut wall, and more. There are plenty of ideas that you can include in the interactive food and drink stations that will make your event unique.

To make your corporate event unique, you must ensure that you book the right entertainment.

Get Creative with Some of These Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

All these entertainment ideas for corporate events have the potential to transform your work event into a fun-filled and unique party. Consider using these ideas and more, regardless of your budget, to ensure your event is as exciting as possible.

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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