5 Warning Signs You Need to Hire Foundation Leak Detection Services

Have you recently experienced some flooding? Has the experience raised your concerns about the state of your home’s foundation? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may need to have it checked for leaks. Leaks damage your home, affect your health, and pose a threat to the integrity of your foundation. And the best way to find them is to hire a foundation leak detection business right away.

But what are warning signs that you need to look out for before calling plumbing services? Read on to learn the answer.

1. Damp Walls or Wallpapers

Damp walls or wallpapers can be a sign that the foundation of a house has a problem and is the cause of a leak. If you notice consistent dampness or bubbling in the wallpaper, this is an indicator of a leak somewhere in your foundation.

So you need to contact leak detection services to assess the situation and provide a complete solution. These services have the experience. They can identify, isolate, and prevent the most common issues caused by leaks.

Through assessing the current leak and its source, they can then provide necessary repairs and offer you advice. They can perform waterproofing to protect your home’s foundation from further damage.

2. Water Seepage, Bubbling, or Cracks on the Walls

You should not ignore or take cases of water seepage bubbling or cracks on the walls of any structure lightly. They can be warning signs of severe water damage caused by foundation leakages.

If you spot any signs of leakage in your house, make sure to contact a professional plumbing leak detection team as soon as possible. Water seepage can cause major damage to the foundation of the structure, leading to costly repairs. Professional leak detection services can identify the source of the leak and help you fix the problem on time.

Furthermore, they can provide preventive measures to ensure that the problem is not likely to occur again in the future. Ignoring water seepage can make the situation worse, leading to major water loss, rotted wood, and even the collapse of the structure.

So you need to contact a professional foundation leak detection service if you notice any water seepage bubbling or cracks on the walls.

3. Water Stains on the Walls or Floors

Water stains on walls or floors may indicate a hidden structural issue, such as a crack in the foundation or a leaking pipe. But foundation leaks can be difficult to locate, which makes them dangerous.

The moisture of the stains can break down foundation material, such as mortar, and cause it to crumble or erode. This can lead to the entire foundation of your home being weakened.

If not treated quickly and appropriately, water stains can cause movements in the foundation. This can lead to cracking and shifting of the structure itself.

They can also introduce unwanted moisture to the home that can lead to problems such as rot. These plumbing problems can cause further damage to your home’s foundation, making it structurally unsound. Thus it is vital to address any water stains on time to avoid further damage.

So if you find wet spots or stains on your walls or floors, regardless of whether they seem to be spreading or not, don’t wait. Get a professional evaluation of your foundation.

Early detection and repair of foundation leaks can result in significant cost savings. It can help you avoid costly structural damage down the road.

4. Mold and Mildew on Walls

If you’re noticing an increase in the presence of mold and mildew on your walls, you need to pay close attention. This could be a sign that your foundation is leaking and needs expert plumbing leak detection services.

Mold and mildew can be a major health hazard in homes. Not only can they cause respiratory issues, but they can also trigger allergic reactions in people who have allergies and asthma.

Furthermore, when left untreated, mold and mildew can lead to more serious health issues. Members of your family can develop fungal infections, chronic sinusitis, and even skin irritation.

In addition to these health risks, mold and mildew can damage home structures, which can be costly to fix. Therefore, it is important to act quickly to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your home.

Control the humidity levels, ventilate, clean surfaces, and call plumbing services as soon as possible. Leak detection services use high-tech equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the cause of the mold and mildew. They can take care of the problem before further damage to your home’s foundation occurs.

5. Unusually High Water Bills

Unusually high water bills can be one of the warning signs that you need plumbing repairs. If your normal water bill begins to spike without an explanation, then you may have developed a water leak within your walls or foundation.

Plumbing leaks can easily go undetected until it is too late, and you end up with costly repair bills. Leak detection services will help you find the source of a water leak quickly and repair it before further damage to your home is done.

If you ignore the problem, you’ll not only spend higher and higher on your water bills but also on the costly repairs or replacements of your pipes. So even if you don’t think it’s a problem, it’s always better to be sure and call for local residential plumbing services.

Hire Foundation Leak Detection Services Now!

Once you notice any tell-tale signs of foundation damage in your home, it’s important to act quickly. You need to call a foundation leak detection service as soon as possible.

With their help, you can easily diagnose the source of the potential damages. You can quickly commission them to make the necessary repairs to avoid any costly repairs or further damage to your home.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact a reliable provider of plumbing services today to fix the problem for good!

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