What Are Senior Life Care Services

You might be surprised to learn that there are over 28,000 senior living facilities in the United States. There are a lot of options out there. That’s why it’s important that you do your research about the various senior life care services provided at these facilities.

Not all facilities offer the same level of senior care. Some of the facilities with life care for seniors may offer little more than an apartment and places to eat and relax.

Other facilities may offer mental health services. Still, other facilities may offer pharmaceutical services and various senior life care amenities.

In the article below, you’ll find a guide to help you figure out what you can expect from facilities offering senior life care services.

You can use this information when you’re comparing different facilities for yourself or a loved one. Continue reading to help yourself answer the question, “What is life care for seniors?”

Senior Life Care Services Expand Upon the Living Space

Every senior living facility you look at will provide residents with a space of their own. Some facilities will provide an entire apartment with one or more rooms.

Others may provide just a single room. Some may offer a mix of both styles. The life care aspect of the senior care facility refers to the services you get in addition to the living space. That includes things like healthcare and nursing services.

It may also include rehabilitation services and prescription services. Life care services can also include community activities that sharpen seniors’ minds.

Life Care Is Different From Continuing Care

A life care contract is a specific type of contract that a senior person signs when they decide to live at an assisted living facility. In many communities, seniors can choose between signing a life care contract and a continuing care contract.

A continuing-care contract has higher upfront expenses, but monthly fees vary. The monthly fees may start low but then increase as seniors age.

The monthly price will usually increase as seniors require more assisted living services. The senior may start to need more help with things like getting dressed, eating, and moving around the building.

Some seniors may decide that they need the life care services right away, in which case a life care contract would be best.

A life care contract is different in that it means the senior acknowledges they’ll need these services for the duration of their stay at the assisted living facility.

The senior will receive the same level of care throughout the duration of their life at the facility. With a life care contract, the monthly costs are fixed from the start.

That means neither the senior nor their family will have to pay more as the senior starts to require more assisted living services.

Life Care Covers Services That Aren’t Covered by Other Programs

One of the other advantages of life care contracts is that they cover certain services that are generally not covered by programs like Medicare.

For example, a life care contract can cover memory care and long-term skilled nursing.

Medicare does not usually cover these types of services, which means they would incur additional costs if the senior does not have a life care contract. You may want to look into your insurance programs or the state’s health insurance programs to determine which services are covered.

Life Care Contracts Provide Peace of Mind

Life care contracts are ideal for seniors who care about ensuring their families don’t incur additional costs as they age.

Since the life care contract’s monthly costs are the same for the duration of the senior’s life, the family can rest easy knowing there won’t be any surprise expenses.

Some seniors who know exactly what they want from their assisted living services may choose the life care contract to help their families. The family or the senior can plan out their financials for the rest of their life.

Life Care Provides Access to a Range of Activities

When a senior decides to enter an assisted living community, it doesn’t mean that the senior has to give up their social life. In fact, assisted living communities with life care services make a point to help seniors live life to the fullest.

Seniors who sign life care contracts enjoy access to community events, programs, and services designed to fulfill their needs beyond healthcare.

You can learn more about these types of life care services at RownTreeGardens.org.

Sometimes, spiritual programs fulfill that side of the senior’s life. In other cases, it may be group classes, therapy sessions, and more. Life care services cover the full spectrum of a senior’s emotional and healthcare-related needs.

Reviewing the Most Important Information About Life Care for Seniors

The information in the article above should help you figure out everything you need to know about life care services for seniors. Now that you know which types of services to look for in a senior care facility, you can start your search for a facility that will work for you or your loved ones.

If you’re interested in learning more about senior care services, be sure to continue reading our other blog articles.

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