What is a gas furnace?

Do you have to take care of heating the apartment and hot water in the tap yourself? You do not need a large room to find a place for an effective heating device. The bathroom will also be sufficient. This is the perfect place to install a furnace. Properly selected equipment will provide you with hot water in the tap and radiators.

The device is mounted on the wall and takes up little space inside. So it will work not only in a single-family house but also in a block of flats or a tenement house.

A properly matched device heats the water flowing in the tap continuously. The heating process itself does not take long. All you have to do is turn on the tap, and after a few seconds, it will be pleasantly warm.

Thanks to this installation, you can save a lot of money, and the bills will pleasantly surprise you. You also do not face the situation where you have to wash in cold water because you ran out of warm water.

The purchase of a gas furnace for a home is primarily an economic decision. Both the purchase and operating costs are low. The device is also easy to use. A properly selected stove will allow you to heat the entire apartment in addition to utility water effectively. Which furnace to choose? Discover the offered solutions and criteria that will help you adjust the device to your needs.


Gas-powered devices intended for installation in the home differ in terms of the way they work. On the market, you will find traditional condensing, pulsating, and cascade models. Due to the functions performed, single-function and double-function models are distinguished. What devices are hidden under these names? What characterizes them?

Condensing and traditional

The devices look very similar. In this case, it is about choosing between modern and economical technology and a proven method of heating the house, which has been used for years. If you care most of all about the lowest operating costs of the device, choose a condensing furnace without hesitation.

The equipment is suitable for heating both utility water and water circulating in radiators. The furnace is characterized by increased efficiency. It achieves a good effect thanks to the use of additional thermal energy from the by-product of combustion, i.e., water vapor (in traditional furnaces, it is entirely expelled through the chimney).

Effect? Almost 20% savings on heating costs. The bill can be even lower, even by another 10%, if you choose a model with additional equipment.

A furnace allows you to reduce operating costs, but its purchase is associated with higher expenses. It can be up to three times more expensive than a traditional furnace. However, do not cross it out immediately because of the higher price. When you are wondering which furnace to choose for your home, think of this device as a long-term investment.

Calculate how much you can save in the perspective of several and several dozen years. Sometimes it’s more profitable to pay more at once and enjoy low operating costs later.

And so it is in this case. It is estimated that the purchase of a furnace will pay for itself after six years from the purchase at the latest (the price of the selected device influences this, cheaper models will pay for themselves after four years).

In addition, furnaces are made of high-quality materials, thanks to which they will serve you longer, and you will not have to include their quick replacement in your household expenses.

Furnace repair in Toronto and Barrie

Now you know how a furnace is designed and how it works, its types, and its benefits. All that’s left to do is to decide on a company to help you do it.

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The company’s advantages are:

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  3. Ten years parts guarantee two years labor guarantee.

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