What is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD Hemp Oil or CBD oil has become quite popular recently, to such an extent that you can find it in everyday things like coffee or beauty products. So here we will answer all your questions about CBD and why you didn’t hear from it until now!

Are you currently suffering from stress or a chronic pain illness, and have you considered consuming CBD oil?

Yeah, the whole advertising makes this Hemp-derived chemical a huge temptation. But, can your current problems be solved with the consumption of CBD products? The truth is that CBD has become very popular because of its consumption’s sense of satisfaction without the disadvantage of psychoactive numbness.

Furthermore, in cities like New York, it has become so popular that even Jason DeLand, Advertising Executive of Dosist, compared it to Bitcoin in 2016, referring to the fact that everyone knows it even when few understand what it’s all about.

We are talking about chemically armed with thousands of testimonials in less than a year on how it works to relieve stress and even reduce the adverse effects of alcohol or even marijuana.

CBD Hemp Oil or CBD Oil

-Because, yes, CBD products can reduce your hangover.

But it’s not just about stress. Dr. Esther Blessing, a New York University School of Medicine assistant professor, has stated that CBD is the most promising element in medicine for neuropsychiatric diseases that popped to light in the last 50 years.

Besides, she further notes that it is promising because it has a unique combination of safety and effectiveness over a reasonably broad range of conditions.

So, why didn’t we know about CBD before?

CBD is an element abundantly found in marijuana, and we are used to associating marijuana with negative images. But this is only the most frequent misconception about CBD.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, usually extracted from Hemp, not marihuana.

To sum up, almost half of the population confuses Cannabidiol with recreational drugs. And sure, CBD can be obtained from marijuana, although it is usually extracted from Hemp, a completely different plant from the Cannabis Sativa family.

Hemp is a cannabis plant variety that contains about 0.3% THC and over 20% CBD. –Being THC, the psychoactive component that makes marijuana a drug.

Note: CBD alone can’t make you high.

This way, isolating the CBD of other components that form part of the cannabis plants, an abysmal amount of benefits are obtained at a medical level. A subject that incredibly had not been studied until recent decades.

Furthermore, as a drug, CBD has been used in recent decades to relieve:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation

And even to reduce the impact of more severe ailments such as convulsions, schizophrenia, or the growth of cancer cells.

Bottom line, what is CBD?

Cannabidiol represents up to 20% of the extracts of cannabis plants, with Hemp plants being those in which it is most abundant and, in return, those in which the concentration of THC is lowest.

This element is not soluble in water but other organic factors. Besides, it is an element that can be isolated and synthesized to facilitate its separate production from THC.

In the end, CBD is a chemical compound that has been neglected for a while but interacts directly with our endocannabinoid system. As a result, the body’s system controls maintenance checks and regulatory activities like fever and sweat.

Follow up, and check our next articles about CDB oil, CBD hemp oil, and all the fantastic benefits this medicine has for your future!

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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