What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Should You Try It?

Between 10-40% of males have low testosterone. Dealing with low testosterone can impact your life in a way that impedes everyday activities. You may feel more sluggish, have a low sex drive, or have any other signs of low testosterone that can ruin your day. If that’s the case, you probably want to figure out a way to get your testosterone levels back on track! Ever wonder ‘what testosterone replacement therapy is?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what it is and how it may help you!

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone therapy can help reverse the effects of low testosterone. In terms of testosterone replacement therapy, it is simply a way of replacing testosterone either through medication or another form. You can go through with testosterone replacement therapy in several different forms.

Your options would be:

  • Skin patch – slowly releases testosterone into your system through a patch on the skin
  • Gels or creams – these are applied topically on the skin to absorb the testosterone
  • Injections – injections are given every three to six months to replace low testosterone

Talking with your doctor about which method is right for you is a vital step in the process. Then, visit this testosterone clinic to learn more.

Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Most things have risks these days, and testosterone replacement therapy is no exception.

You may also have a few side effects and a few serious risks. These are:

Testosterone therapy has various risks, including:

  • Worsening sleep apnea, especially if it is already a condition you have
  • Acne
  • Enlargement of breasts
  • Growth of the prostate
  • Limiting sperm production
  • Increased risk of forming a blood clot

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Although there are some risks, there are also many benefits. Because of these benefits, you may want to go through with the treatment after speaking with a doctor.

The most significant benefit is that you would no longer have low testosterone levels. When this happens, you can expect to have the following:

  • Increase in energy levels
  • Increase in your sex drive
  • Better quality erections
  • Increased bone density and muscle mass
  • Increased insulin activity

Not only would you experience these benefits, but you may also see an improvement in your mood with balanced hormone levels. This can improve other aspects of your life as well.

Replacement therapy affects everyone differently, so you have to make sure you are documenting how you feel when going through the therapy.

TRT Therapy: Is It Right For You?

Now that you’ve read this guide, you probably have a better idea of if you should go through with TRT.

You have an answer to the question ‘what is testosterone replacement therapy?” and also know the benefits and risks as well.

If you enjoyed learning more about this process, be sure to check out some similar articles on our blog! Happy reading!

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