What to Bring Snorkeling

Just imagine it: crystal clear water around you, tropical fish swimming peacefully, and a vibrant coral reef you can explore. Do you think you could stay underwater for much longer?

If you’re daydreaming as a seasoned snorkeler, you’re already daydreaming. Looking for what to bring snorkeling? With the help of this guide, you’ll soon be inhaling that salt water and breathing easy once more.

Read on to plan your next deep-sea adventure.

The Basics: Mask, Snorkel, Fins

A good snorkeling session starts with the proper equipment. You will need a mask, snorkel, and fins. Make sure your mask fits snugly to your face and does not leak.

The snorkel should be the correct length for your height and comfortable to breathe through. The fins should fit snugly to your feet and be the right size for your height and weight.

Whether you’re on a turtle snorkeling tour or any other underwater activity, be sure to bring the necessary equipment to keep you safe.

Clothing: Rash Guard, Swim Trunks/Shorts, Sunscreen, Hat

Pack sunscreen with a high SPF, a rash guard or swim shirt, swim trunks or shorts, and a hat.

The sun can be intense when reflected off the water, so protecting your skin is essential. A rash guard or swim shirt will help protect your skin from the sun and any possible rubbing from your snorkeling gear.

Swim trunks or shorts should be comfortable and allow you to move freely. And lastly, don’t forget a hat to help keep the sun out of your eyes.

Accessories: Beach Towel, Beach Bag, Sunglasses, Waterproof Camera

When headed out for a day of snorkeling adventure, bring a beach towel, bag, and sunglasses. And don’t forget your underwater camera to capture all the amazing things you’ll see! Waterproof camera cases are essential for keeping your camera safe while snorkeling.

Food & Drink: Water, Snacks, Picnic Lunch

Be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks to keep energy levels up when planning for snorkeling. It is important to bring items that keep you hydrated and nourished.  A picnic lunch is also a good idea, as finding food options near the beach can be challenging.

At least two water bottles per person are recommended, as well as snacks. It is also important to pack a first-aid kit, just in case.

Optional: Flotation Device, Shark Repellent

You may also want to consider packing a flotation device and shark repellent. While most people will never encounter a shark while snorkeling, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you bring a flotation device, use it only if you’re in a safe area and always supervise children using it.

Get Ready for Snorkeling

On your snorkeling trip, be sure to pack all of the essentials! This includes good sunscreen, a swimsuit, a towel, snacks, and plenty of water. Don’t forget your goggles, snorkel, and a mesh bag to carry everything in.

Be sure to pack everything you need before heading out, so you can enjoy a fun and safe day in the water!

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