Why You Seriously Need to Stop Sitting All Day at Work

Due to Covid-19, around 40% of Americans are now working from home. This is the only option for many employees and employers currently. But, there are key health issues to consider when sitting all day at work.

In this article, we will be looking at the negative impacts of sitting too much. But don’t worry as we will also provide you with solutions too. Let’s get started!

Contributes to Health Issues

Sitting for long periods can cause ill health. The risk of endometrial, lung, and colon cancers is increased.

Furthermore, it can also cause heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and stroke. Many serious health conditions are increased by a lack of daily movement.

In 1953, a study was carried out on London bus drivers and conductors which discovered that the drivers were nearly twice as likely to die of heart disease as the conductors were. However, the answer for us all is easy. Move regularly!

Sitting Down Too Long Leads To Increased Pain

Do you suffer from joint pain? Sitting all day at the computer, it can be tempting to feel you owe your body a rest by relaxing after work on the bed or sofa.

Unfortunately, you are not helping your chronic pain issues and could even exacerbate them!

Try to move regularly by following a YouTube yoga video or doing any exercises you have been prescribed. Do these throughout the day rather than leaving them all to do after work.

You may feel mentally tired later in the day, preventing you from carrying out essential exercises and routines.

Sitting for Long Periods Shortens Your Life

According to the World Health Organisation, 3.2 million deaths each year result from too little activity.

It is one of the top four reasons for preventable deaths across the globe. Unfortunately, you can’t reverse the effects of sitting for extended periods, even if you follow it with a half-hour run.

Moving regularly helps more than bouts of intense exercise. You could easily use the stairs for regular comfort breaks and ensure you take your lunch away from your desk.

For example, take a sandwich and go for a short walk. The sunshine will improve your mood, and Vitamin D will do you good too! Alternatively, why not do a ten-minute dance video on YouTube when you want a quick break?

Maintaining Muscle Tone

Sedentary workers, especially those over 50, should look after their bones and muscles through regular exercise and movement.

Maintaining muscle tone and increasing bone density through regular weight-bearing exercises is one way to ward off osteoporosis and weak bones.

You could have a set of small dumbbells next to the computer. During a meeting or break in typing, do a few lifts. Remember to switch off your screen camera if you don’t want your co-workers to see what you’re doing!

Not Moving Causes Weight Gain

Did you know, in 2018, obesity rates in the USA were 42.4%? Sadly, this figure is on the rise, and is a very expensive disease.

You’ll notice that the number on the scales creeps up if you sit down all of the time. Unfortunately, this can also slow down your metabolism.

Luckily, if you break up your working hour with periods of movement, you will be less likely to think about eating or snacking.

As well as burning fewer calories, medical professionals understand that by not moving, we affect how our bodies react to insulin, leading to diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that helps the body burn carbohydrates and sugar.

Feelings Of Anxiety And Loneliness Can Be Increased

You may not be surprised to learn that sitting at a desk at home alone all day can be an isolating experience leading to anxiety and depression.

Try to include periods of your day where you can call someone. You can pace the room or even go into the yard to walk around while you talk. Even standing for a web chat can positively affect your mood.

Furthermore, learn some anxiety-busting tips that will help get you moving. This could be some gardening for a neighbor or learning a new active skill, such as rollerblading.

Look After Your Veins

If you sit still for too long, you could risk Deep Vein Thrombosis. This is when a blood clot forms in your leg.

It can become life-threatening if the clot moves to the lungs and could give no warning. Try standing up and doing leg raises to keep this scary condition at bay.

Varicose veins are a less serious condition than DVT but are still unpleasant. Blood can collect in your legs due to a lack of movement. This can make your veins bulge and twist, leading to a lack of confidence and leg aches.

Another exercise you could do to minimize these issues is seat squats. Stand up and practice nearly sitting before you stand again. Bend your legs and walk around the room in between each squat.

Learn more about leg pain and heart disease, here.

Avoid Back, Neck, And Spine Issues

Try not to hunch or slouch over the computer. Get up and stretch out your spine every half an hour. Making sure you have a good sitting position and that your chair and desk are the right height can help alleviate this type of pain.

Some people like to use standing desks which are adjustable and can give you a range of working positions. Equally, treadmill desks allow users to move while taking part in meetings and phone calls!

How Will You Avoid Sitting All Day At Work?

There are many reasons why sitting all day at work is bad for your health and mind, but by giving it some thought, you can easily overcome these issues.

Remember to get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour. You may consider using technology or gadgets like fitness watches to remind you to do this.

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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