Worst Blackjack hands you should never play

Blackjack is the most popular card game in casinos, known for its combination of luck and strategic skill. One of the most critical aspects of the game is making the right decisions based on the cards in your hand and those shown by the dealer. In this article, we’ll show you the Blackjack hands you should never play and give you information on the best and worst hands in the game.

Best hands in Blackjack

When playing Blackjack, certain hands are considered by experts from Mil Apuestas as highly favourable and give you a huge advantage over the dealer. These are the hands that come out with a card count value of 20 or 21. Having a 20 or 21 in your hand significantly increases your chances of winning the hand. Let’s take a look at what these hands mean and what their winning percentage is.

Hands with a value of 20

A hand with a value of 20 is considered one of the best hands in Blackjack. This is usually achieved with a combination of a ten, a figure (J, Q, K), or any card with a value of 10, along with an ace. The probability of getting a 20 on the initial deal is relatively high, and playing this hand correctly will give you a great chance of winning.

Statistically, hands that add up to 20 have a win rate of approximately 85% compared to the dealer. This means that, on average, you will win around 85% of the time you encounter this hand. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that these numbers are estimates based on odds calculations and that the actual outcome may vary from game to game.

A nice rocking hand of 21!

The ultimate hand in Blackjack is 21. If you have a 21 in your starting hand, known as a “natural Blackjack”, you will almost certainly win the hand unless the dealer also has a Blackjack. A blackjack is formed with an ace and a 10-value card in the first two cards dealt. Hands with a value of 21 have an outstanding high win rate of 92%. 

Worst Blackjack hands to play

Although there are hands that offer a great advantage, there are also hands that you should avoid playing in Blackjack, as they have a high risk of resulting in a loss. These are hands that add up to 15, 16 or 17 in the card count.

Hands with a value of 15

A hand with a value of 15 is considered really bad luck in Blackjack. It is really hard to improve your hand without passing the 21. If you decide to stand on a 15, you are at the dealer’s mercy to get a hand lower than 15 or go over 21. The win rate on a 15 is relatively low and is estimated at around 42%.

Hands with a value of 16

Hands with a value of 16 are equally difficult to play. As with a 15, standing with a 16 in blackjack can be risky, as you are dependent on the dealer having a worse hand than you or going over 21. Statistically, your odds with a 16 are around 38% compared to the dealer.

Hands with a value of 17

17 hands are also difficult to play. Although 17 is better than 15 or 16, you still have a high risk of losing your hand. In general, we’d recommend standing on a 17, but you should also take into account the specific rules of the table you are playing at and the dealer’s visible card since your odds go around 44%.

To Sum Up

Playing Blackjack is a matter of luck & skill. You can find out what to do depending on the dealer’s open card, and moving forward is only recommended if your hand is located below 17. We’d recommend you play Blackjack only in the best-regulated casinos and try variants of the game to see which one suits you better.

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