8 Gun Accessories to Purchase in 2023

Are you looking to give your gun a new upgrade? Many firearm enthusiasts find customization a fun thing to do. Gun accessories will have different uses, from aesthetics to function. As each year passes, there’s always a new set of upgrades to look forward to.

So, where should you start? We’ll be discussing the top eight gun accessories to buy this year! Let’s begin.

1. Red Dot Sights

As a gun owner, you should know about the popularity of red dot sights in the firearm scene for being all-in-one. It offers an increase in speed and accuracy, and it’s versatile!

These days, mini red dot sights have been all the rave for pistols. The improvements made to these accessories allow it to stay on par with other gear options.

Most recent mini red dot sights are close to being just a miniature version of rifle-sized red dots. It’s especially evident with how sturdy they are now. That alone is enough to make it a must-have for pistol owners this year.

2. Striker Control Device

Most Glock pistols don’t have a manual thumb safe to make them simple and easy to use. While that seems reasonable, it also has a few downsides.

When guns don’t have an external safety, they come with other security instead. Of course, that’s to prevent any accidental pulling of the trigger. Still, it doesn’t always lessen the chance of something going wrong.

The solution to that is a striker control device. It’s a cover plate that blocks off the striker’s rearward motion every time there’s thumb pressure applied to the back of the slide.

Even with that, it doesn’t affect how you operate your gun! It keeps everything in place but adds an extra layer of protection. So, it’s a gun upgrade with all pros.

3. Night Vision and Thermal Optics

Gun upgrades like night vision and thermal optics are typical for professional firearms. But these days, it’s been gaining traction as an option for hunting and recreation.

The popularity led to producing more affordable options for these gun parts. Compared to the expensive military-grade ones, they work better for casual use.

That means it also comes with extra functions to make it more convenient. Those added features include Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth compatibility, and higher resolution!

4. Rifle Chassis System

Long-range shooting has also been rising in popularity as a sport. So many people also began to use these rifles for recreational use.

With a rifle chassis system, you can get endless customization! These were also known as stocks, but they required specific changes to fit the build of a rifle. Then came the rifle chassis system catering to the firearm’s needs.

Compared to stocks, it’s said that these are more versatile and require fewer additions. They’re also easy to install, so that’s a bonus!

5. Weapon Mounted Light

Many firearms come with mounting points made for different gun accessories. It can be helpful, especially if you attach upgrades like lasers and lights. But it can add to the bulk of your firearm, and not everyone is fond of that.

The answer to this is a weapon-mounted light! It’s a small light that suits a handgun’s compact size and portability. That makes it easier to conceal and carry around.

Weapon-mounted lights also come in different variants for various kinds and sizes of guns. You can check out other gun accessories linked here.

6. Free-Float Handguard

Who wouldn’t want to protect themselves from the heat of a barrel when handling a gun? That’s the primary purpose of a handguard, which is already a great reason to get one.

To make it better, there are now free-float options! These are handguards that don’t make contact with your rifle’s barrel. As a result, it’s said to deflect heat better than standard handguards.

Many say it’s an excellent choice for advanced shooters, but it works well if you’re new to owning a gun. You might even find free-float handguards that come with suppressor covers too.

7. Low Power Variable Optics

Low-power variable optics have always been popular, even in the past decades. But recent improvements in design and lens quality keeps it the talk of the town.

It works like a red dot sight, adding a larger field of view, allowing you to target faster. They even let you zoom in much more than typical optics, especially at longer ranges.

A low-power variable optic is necessary for shooters who want quick, close-up shooting action and hit targets at mid-range distances. If that sounds like you, this is worth the buy!

8. Firearm Laser Training System

Not everyone has the luxury of having a stock of ammunition all the time. So, you can say every bullet counts. If you’re not an expert in aiming, a laser training system can help you put every bullet to good use!

One of the best things about it is that you can install it in most guns. It allows you to practice different shooting techniques and aim without needing ammunition.

Some laser training systems also allow you to track your accuracy based on the gun’s movement. Usually, it does this with the help of your phone. That means you can see a live analysis of every shot and the total result.

Upgrade Your Firearms With These Gun Accessories Right Now

Many improvements have been made to several gun accessories in the previous year. Some are even better than ever, making the firearm experience much more fun.

If you own a gun, you might want to look into these gun updates for a twist in your regular operation or to add to the functionality. Regardless of why you buy them, these upgrades are sure to make an impact on your firearm journey.

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