A Complete Overview of Certified Mail and Packages

In the United States, the postal service delivers to over 160 million individual addresses. There are a lot of different delivery services and postal options available to us these days. If you need to move a package, have you thought about how you will do it? If you want any form of security with that package, you might want to consider certified mail.

Let’s take a look at how certified mail and packages work.

A Shipping Option

When you ship something with the USPS, you have an option of whether you’d like regular delivery or certified delivery. If you choose certified, there are two options available. For our purposes, what sets certified mail apart is that you have to sign to receive the mail or package.

Beyond added security, sending a parcel or package via certified mail will arrive at the same speed as first-class mail. You won’t have to wait long or pay any extra for this speed, either. Of course, thespeed comes with the cost of certified mail.

The Two Options

Certified mail has two options when it comes to how strict the security is.

Regular certified mail we’ve already covered. Anyone at the address can sign for it. Restricted certified mail can only be signed for by the name that you put on the form.

If you are mailing packages to someone who lives in a large apartment building, you may want to restrict the mail. However, if it is a normal package for the average home, restricting it may not make any sense. The decision is one that you will have to make in the post office.

The Proof

Getting a certified piece of mail means that you have an enduring record of sending the parcel. This is great if it comes up missing or isn’t accepted. You’ll be able to prove it was sent and delivered even in a court of law.

Another great feature is that each package sent certified comes with a unique tracking number. You can call and check on that number, and it helps ensure that the package reaches your home. In addition, everyone who scans or ships it will be on record in case you need them.

Great Security and Results

All of these features come together when it comes to USPS-certified mail. If you’re having trouble with the label or mailing the package, there are some resources you can use. Search online for labels, and there are even companies that can make them for you.

If you want to go more in-depth with your research, you can start by checking out this overview.

Packages and Packages

The USPS has a reputation for excellence and for serving any home in the United States. For centuries the mail has provided Americans with timely news and other essentials. Whether a package or a parcel, never underestimate the postal service.

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