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Angelic Bakehouse is a Milwaukee-based company known for distributing excellent quality baked goods. It has unique recipes designed by its current owners: James and Jenny Marino. They aim to provide customers with a better tasting and shopping experience with learning. Yes, just as you read. They are different from the rest because it seeks to teach their customers how to consume better.

Through recipes built on sprouted whole grains and zero dairy. Angelic Bakehouse baked goods prove that whole grain and animal-free products can also be extremely tasty. Stay tuned to read our post to learn more about their products, how to buy and what else is new with Angelic Bakehouse.

How does Angelic Bakehouse work?

As you can imagine, Angelic Bakehouse produces many bakery and deli products distributed throughout much of the United States. Initially, it started as a small family bakery in 1969, with a different name at the time, known as “Cybros.” Cybros was created by Cyrus, who had been baking sprouted grain bread for about four decades.

In 2009 James and Jenny Marino acquired this company for its authentic way of baking bread. However, the couple decided to make a few changes to their production style. Adding grains without genetic modifications, such as oats, wheat berries, barley, and rye. At the same time, they decided to eliminate any ingredients that could generate allergies. In this way, Angelic Bakehouse has been working until today.

Taking care of selecting the friendliest ingredients for their consumers: 100% vegan, GMO, and allergen-free. Even where to grow their wheat to obtain the best quality grains. Using sloping hillsides with intense sunlight and wind currents. Grains born under these difficult conditions are stronger and develop a more pronounced flavor.

You can imagine Angelic Bakehouse avoids processed flour in every way. Instead, it looks to herbal alternatives such as turmeric or beets for a greater burst of flavor. In this way, Angelic Bakehouse has maintained its essence over the last ten years with innovation and commitment.

You can get their products in many food stores in the country and have a digital platform. Here, you can place your bread orders, check recipes and clarify any doubts about their products. You can also become a rewards member after registering at Angelic Bakehouse. Read on to find out how it works.

How to create an Angelic Bakehouse account?

Joining Angelic Bakehouse is very easy. Once subscribed to their platform, you will place your orders online and receive rewards for your purchases. To do this, you must enter their official platform, Then, go to the menu and select the “account” option.

When entering the next section, click “create an account.” Finally, the only data you will have to provide to subscribe will be your first and last name, email, and password. This way, you will receive notifications in your mailbox whenever Angelic Bakehouse launches a promotion or news.

How does the Angelic Bakehouse rewards system work?

After joining them, you will automatically receive your first 100 points for opening your account. From this point on, you can receive one more point for every dollar spent on a purchase. You will also receive 10 – 50 points for subscribing to their YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Plus 100 points after making five purchases or for being your birthday.

With these points, you can get discounts on your purchases at Angelic Bakehouse. Every 100 points equal 10$ for a discount.

How to place an order through Angelic Bakehouse?

It’s easy! All you have to do is log in from your favorite device, go to the menu and go to the “Shop” section. You will see the different categories available: bread, wraps, crusts, chips, and buns. Then, click on the category that catches your attention.

Then you will see all the available options. You can click on any product to see its description, nutritional table, ingredients, and reviews from other users. If interested, click on the plus symbol (+) to add as many products as possible!

Finally, go to the shopping cart, and check your list to view your partial amount. Then click on “checkout” to see how much your total order will be, plus tax and shipping. If you wish to complete the purchase, select your payment method and cancel it. Then provide the necessary shipping information, and you’re done.

Is Angelic Bakehouse reliable?

Absolutely. They create their products with great attention and dedication. It has been in the market for years, innovating more and more the way its customers consume. For example, to offer only healthy products low in sodium, carbohydrates, and calories. However, very rich in protein, fiber, and flavors.

In addition, they worked hard to achieve the following certifications: NON-GMO (no transgenic ingredients), Vegan (no animal products), Kosher (food suitable for a Jewish diet), and Whole Grain (100% grains).

Advantages of Angelic Bakehouse

  • Nationwide distributor with a presence in physical stores such as Whole Foods, Meijer, and Safeway.
  • Online sales through its official website, with delivery service and rewards system.
  • 100% vegan, anti-allergic, and non-genetically modified products.
  • Refunds are available if your order has arrived in bad condition. You must notify us up to seven days after receipt of your order. When they confirm your justification, you will get your money back within two days.
  • They have different shipping methods: Express Savior, FedEx Ground, and 2 Day.
  • They ship their products completely fresh. In addition, they can have a shelf life of up to 6 months in the refrigerator.

Disadvantages of Angelic Bakehouse

  • They do not carry gluten-free products.
  • They only accept credit cards for payment processing: Discovery, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa.
  • Free shipping only for purchases over $30.

To Sum Up

It is a company with excellent foundations, company values, high nutritional standards, and quality services. You will get a huge pleasure shopping here! You will get a truly premium experience by ordering online. Because you can learn more about food while tasting their amazing baked goods and earning points for discounts. You won’t have to worry about your allergies or diets because Angelic Bakehouse recipes cover this and more. Plus, they have an excellent shipping and customer service.

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