5 Awesome Things to Do in Cuba if You Want an Adventure

There are few things better to do in your life than travel. Not only can you see new cultures and have a blast, but getting out and seeing the world can improve your physical and mental health. There’s a reason so many millennials today insist that traveling the world is one of their top priorities.

If you’re ready to pack your bags and are wondering which destination to set your sights on next, consider stopping in Cuba. Cuba has a wealth of natural wonders worth exploring and enjoying.

If you’re looking into things to do in Cuba, you’ve come to the right place. So read on, and we’ll walk you through how to make the best of this iconic vacation.

1. The Hemmingway Museum

Famed American writer Ernest Hemmingway spent a reasonable amount of time in Cuba, purchasing a home outside Havana. That home today is now a popular tourist destination and museum.

Yes, you’re likely to run into some crowds when you go and visit the property, but it’s well worth seeing one of the most historic and well-preserved locations in all of Cuba. This is where Hemingway wrote two of his most famous books, The Old Man and the Sea and the classic For Whom the Bell Tolls.

The property is an extensive estate built directly into the hillside. You can spend a lot of time learning about Hemingway and history. You can also enjoy the live music, usually active right outside, or the rum bar that will be eager to serve you a cheap drink.

2. Topes de Collantes National Park

If you want to spend some time in nature during your time in Cuba, you can’t beat the sights and sounds of Topes de Collantes National Park. This gorgeous preserve is located a mere twenty-five minutes from Trinidad, on the southernmost coast of Cuba.

The park boasts hundreds of hikeable trails that lead to exciting natural wonders, including waterfalls, underground caves, and swimming holes you can catapult yourself into.

The park is so deep into Cuba that most tourists don’t venture out this far. However, if you want to escape the crowds and get a taste of what the real Cuba offers, this is one destination to mark on your must-see list.

3. Disco Ayala Club

Are you ready for a nightlife experience that is truly like no other? You might have been to many clubs before, but you’ve likely never been to one located a full one-hundred-foot underneath the ground. But that’s what you’ll find at Disco Ayala.

This underground cave dance club is positioned around natural stalagmites and giant video screens. It costs some money to get into the space and check it out, but with your admission, you will also be granted a free drink.

The club is located just outside Trinidad and is a favorite spot for locals, meaning it’s a great place to meet and mingle with actual residents during your stay. So even if you’re not a big clubber, this nightlife destination can be one of the most memorable stops of your trip.

The club does have a dark history, however, and one worth reading up on before you visit. Before it was the Disco Ayala, it was the home and hideout of a notorious Cuban serial killer. Talk about an exciting location!

4. Valle de Vinales Plantation

You might already have plans to get at least one cigar (or maybe a lot more) while spending time in Cuba. You won’t find a fresher and more satisfying cigar anywhere in the world than at the Valle de Vinales plantation.

The plantation grows the country’s two biggest exports: tobacco and coffee. That means a stop there will allow you to stroll around the beautiful natural scenery while smoking the perfect cigar and sipping a delicious cup of Cuban coffee.

Visiting the plantation is a much more low-key and enjoyable experience than stopping by one of the significant cigar factories. If you’re looking for an afternoon adventure during your travels, this is the place to go. Want to enhance your experience even further? Book a Cuba bike tour that makes a stop here.

5. Try a Mojito in Havana

Just walking around the city of Havana and taking in the fantastic architecture can be a joy and a treat all on its own. There’s so much to do and see and plenty of little hole-in-the-wall bars and shops to pop into.

However, you can’t leave Havana without stopping and getting the iconic Cuban drink: the mojito. But, of course, you might have had a Mojito in the states before. It’s made of rum, mint, sugar, and club soda.

Hemmingway helped make the drink a massive hit in the United States, but you haven’t tried a Mojito until you’ve had one in its place of origin.

This is a bucket list experience for many travelers and one you can certainly cross off with little trouble and little expense in Havana. You will certainly be able to distinguish between an authentic Cuban mojito and the version your neighborhood bar is serving you back in the states.

Pack Your Bags and Enjoy the Many Things to Do in Cuba!

If your next adventure takes you down to the island of Cuba, you have a lot to look forward to. The above are just a few things to do in Cuba that will keep you happy and entertained.

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