6 Best Business Sites Like Panjiva

Panjiva is all about business intelligence. These platforms offer you database access to one of the most important informational storages of business worldwide, allowing you to review several aspects of possible business allies that can determine the rise or downfall of your projects.

Yet, their plans are quite expensive, and some users don’t stick with them in the long run for other reasons. So, you will need cheaper allies when looking for alternatives in B2B intelligence, especially if you are still growing your business. So, here is our list of 6 alternatives to Panjiva’s business service:

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We opened our list of the six best Panjiva-style business sites with ZoomInfo. This platform manages databases for B2B companies, and its main purpose is to generate successful data links that will lead to sales.

This web platform allows commercial businesses to identify and connect quickly and effectively with users who have the role of decision-making in a given industry.

It also can know the jobs of those customers that are considered of interest. ZoomInfo presents a range of splendid features that will help you perfect the right approach to contacting specific companies or accounts.

Among the main advantages and features presented by ZoomInfo are:

  • It allows you to access email addresses and dials more directly than any B2B contact platform.
  • The professional or business profiles that are verified similarly have detailed information.
  • The information provided includes job history, direct access by employees, and even mentions on the web.
  • An effective contact search for companies similar to your requirements by the area of work, the number of employees, geographical location, and other preferences.
  • Create a B2B contact list in a few minutes. This will help you when you want to create marketing campaigns, which will guide you to the key contact information of those who make the final decisions.

ZoomInfo and its varied features are one of the most outstanding web platforms you will find. As simple as it is useful, please don’t doubt that it is one of the best online sites you can visit to learn more about the business world.



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It’s the turn of Crunchbase, a website that allows you to find extensive commercial information on both commercial and public companies. This information includes references for financing and investments, and much more.

Crunchbase was originally set up to find new companies, and you will find information on companies worldwide. This information is collected in many ways, thanks to the risk program, a Crunchbase data team, the community that makes life there, and automated learning.

Among the main advantages and features that Crunchbase presents are

  • The public or audience can submit their information to the Crunchbase database.
  • The information provided by the audience goes through a process of registration and social validation (this task is carried out mostly by moderators).
  • The venture is the program through which the platform obtains the data, allowing each company to update its information sheets.

The highlight of Crunchbase is that it collects information in various ways, quite distinct from other web platforms that offer the same style of service. So if you’re looking for a site that stands out, is backed up, and is different from the rest, take a look at this platform.

Startup Search

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Startup Search is a web platform that collects information in general, not just from the commercial industry. However, it goes beyond that and gives you interesting, informative articles on different relevant topics, with a rather minimalist but attractive and very functional page design.

A select category bar from Startup Search, through which you will have access to a great number of new articles on each topic, and a search bar accompanies you in each window you visit. Its design is so simple to use that we don’t even need to introduce travel within Startup Search.

Some features of Startup Search to mention are:

  • Multiple categories, including Marketing, Legal section, Household, Realstate, Lifestyle & Fashion, Health & Fitness, and Travel.
  • Startup Search’s informative articles are updated with the latest in each category.
  • Integrated search bar.

There’s not much more to say about Startup Search. But, of course, a couple of extra features wouldn’t hurt to get a slightly more attractive platform because it’s generally basic. Still, Startup Search’s web design is perfect for you if you like to get down to business, with no frills or features you don’t need or are not interested in.

Besides, the site aims at startups and offers connections and content to help new businesses get linked together and grow.



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Thirdly, we have the Manta website, a platform whose primary mission is to train small businesses to walk the paths of success.

It is one of the best and largest online resources and focuses on smaller or emerging businesses. It offers multiple educational services and products that ensure effectiveness, has simple learning methods, and is geared to help you, as an owner of your business, be much more competitive in your industry.

Among the main features you will find in Manta are

  • A directory with millions of visitors who browse Manta’s comprehensive monthly database for individual companies, segmented by industry and geographic location.
  • As an owner of your business, you can request to customize your page and thus improve and facilitate your company’s visibility on the web and its marketing.
  • You will acquire knowledge vital for your business’s growth and management.
  • Manta makes every effort to provide useful advice, promotions, interesting tools, and relevant news that will help you progress and advance little by little with your small business.

Manta is a website that seeks to offer you the best tools and functionalities for your company and wants to make you part of the process, knowing your history and how you have reached every step of your business.

The information Manta provides is even supported by certain American media, appearing in them constantly. Hence, its association with some of the main researchers in the small business sector is a sure success.



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ThomasNet’s website has been serving the needs of B2B buyers for over 120 years. It is a platform that supports the industrial supplier who wants to achieve successful sales of all its products.

Today Thomas is a platform, database, and technology company listed as a leader and benchmark for the industrial marketplace.

Among some of the advantages and outstanding features of ThomasNet are

  • The solutions provided by ThomasNet’s platform are in charge of providing support, assistance, and empowerment to the industry.
  • They have over half a million vendors who believe and trust ThomasNet to help them grow their businesses.
  • With ThomasNetwork, you can become part of the largest and most important channel of B2B industrial and commercial buyers and suppliers.

Through Thomas Marketing, you’ll be in touch with the right customers, finding certified buyers and engineers at every stage of the buying process. And with Thomas Insights, you can get daily information on market actions, new ideas, and up-to-date news that can help you evolve on the digital industrial economy path.

The years are behind ThomasNet, which is undeniable, so you can practically place your trust in this platform with your eyes closed. Besides years of experience, all the features and functionality make it one of our portfolio’s most relevant online business sites.



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Finally, Hoovers, to close our list of the 6 Panjiva-style business sites. This website is perfect for you if you’re already bored of having to hire expensive consulting systems over and over again that only provide you with flat, information-rich reports that aren’t exactly what you’re looking for.

This business intelligence and information systems are available on the web, just one click away. Its interface is practical and easy to use, allowing you to use its excellent search engine that will take you to the most detailed reports collected within a database of more than 85 million companies worldwide.

Among some of the advantages and outstanding features of Hoovers are

  • Search by company name easy and fast.
  • You can visit it as long as you want when you prefer.
  • You can create lists and export the information you need.
  • Access company information, news, and in-depth and updated information on your business sector.

Hoovers offers you the possibility to know exactly how to manage your company in the best way, visualize yourself from the customer’s perspective, exploit all your potential and take the management of your company to another level.

To Conclude

While Panjiva and Zoominfo are great for medium or big businesses, other B2B intelligence options like Startup Search may be the best for starters. You found six sites that could help you get there on this list, so try them out and find out if the information fits your needs.

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