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Booking vacations isn’t easy all the time, so we decided to open the path for you to check out great options for online travel booking sites like eDreams:

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Momondo is a site presented as an idea similar to a tourist agency. The only thing is that everything is working online. The site is simple; people can search for trips and places to stay in a few seconds.

What Momondo does is collect everything a person needs when planning a trip. This includes a wide variety of travel options, accommodation options, and a tab to explore the world in a curious way.

Using Momondo is free of charge. People can register on the site and use it without paying any registration fee or monthly payment. Everything is free until you pay the ticket with one of the agencies Momondo works with.

The site is quite reliable, but you should understand several things. First, Momondo is a search engine for options and transactions outside the site to avoid disputes over money. The same goes for accommodations. Apart from this, the site is amazing.


  • It has a wide variety of travel and accommodation options
  • Variety of companies when buying a ticket


  • No mobile app and the site is distorted on mobiles.

As a verdict, we can say that the site is quite useful. So if you want to get a future booking or think about your next vacation, Momondo is a great option.


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OneTravel is a premium site where we can get all options to plan our next trip. The site works as a great option for those who want to plan their trip and want to have multiple options in one place.

What the site does is that it allows us to create segmentation in people’s searches taking into account several factors. Besides this, people also get to set aside other services, such as apartments, cars, or buying whole packages.

People can register at OneTravel at no cost and use all the platform features in seconds. The only cost, as expected, is the payment of tickets, and packages, among others.

Regarding trust, we can assure you that the site is extremely reliable for two reasons. One of them is that it has a customer statement section, and besides, the site has several years within the travel and reservation market.


  • They have all types of travel reservations.
  • Multiple destination options, regardless of the departure point


  • They don’t have customer support options
  • You have a block in some countries from accessing the site

OneTravel is a great option for all kinds of situations. For a family trip, business trip, or something casual, you can get it all on the site with great deals and super-accessible prices for everyone.

Lounge Pass

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One of the great sites like eDreams, Lounge Pass, was born as a division of Priority Pass. In this case, the company is not focused on travel, leaving aside everything related to flight reservations, packages, and other things, but prioritizing airport stay.

The Lounge Pass collects information and options to stay to spend their time in an airport in the most comfortable way possible. They have over 450 lounges around the world and in a variety of airports.

There is no cost to enter the site. We can visit it without paying a penny. We only have to pay when we make a reservation for a lounge for our next trip.

The confidence of Lounge Pass can be found everywhere. The site was born as a division of another great company, and with it, the brand’s confidence is maintained at a general level so that users can be calm at all times.


  • It has options in all major airports around the world
  • The prices are accessible to anyone


  • The translation of the site is basic
  • They do not have a mobile app for travelers

We can say that Lounge Pass is a great option, without a doubt. With them, you will have the support to have a comfortable stay while waiting for the next flight that will take you to your dream destination without worrying about spending hours and hours in a crowded room.

Skytours US

Sites Like eDreams

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Skytours US again presents us with the idea of a site with the touch of a virtual agency. We will coordinate our vacations, business trips, or whatever is necessary with a couple of clicks without leaving any details.

This is because Skytours offers a variety of travel, accommodation, transportation, transfers, and more. All this can be done with a couple of visits to the site while looking for the option that best suits us and what we want to do.

Like many flight and reservation sites, Skytours does not charge people for visiting the site or having a user purchase a ticket or package. Everything is free until you pay for your reservation.

Regarding trust, we can highlight one aspect of Skytours: They are partners of Tripadvisor, one of the best travel sites in the world. Along with this, they have several years in the market, strengthening the relationships with their clients over time.


  • A wide variety of flights and accommodation offers
  • Easy to use and compact site


  • Some airports are outdated

Skytours is a great option for anyone. The fact that it has so many features makes its users fall in love with it and makes visiting the site a wonder. It has things to improve, but price and quality are not one of them.


Sites Like eDreams

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TravelSuperMarket is a site created by the creators of MoneySuperMarket, a company dedicated to a completely different field than travel. The site in question is a fusion of several elements that every traveler seeks and wishes to have in the palm of his hand.

From trips to car rentals are the first options we can see when entering the site. Beyond that, we can see that the site also has a section for travel insurance, which almost nobody in the competition offers simultaneously, being a great option.

As for costs, TravelSuperMarket has no cost for registration or use of the platform. Everything is free. We can look for all kinds of quotes and pay only when we have everything ready.

On the other hand, the confidence in the site is quite high. Not only does it work professionally and offer good treatment to the clients if necessary, but it is a division of a company that has been operating in the market for years.


  • It has a section for travel insurance.
  • It has all kinds of options to coordinate your dream trip.


  • Does not offer discount codes to customers

We can say that TravelSuperMarket is a complete site. Insurance, car rental, hotels, flights, nothing is missing to leave on the next plane. Besides, it has great options in the event of a rush and last-minute flights, something excellent for the absent-minded who do not book in advance.


Sites Like eDreams

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Globehunters is an American website that sells tickets to all possible corners of the world. It has all kinds of offers and a great variety of destinations to plan a trip to.

The site lets you get the hottest options of the moment and brings them together in one place where people can choose from different options. At the same time, people have offer codes available for constant use, as long as they can redeem them according to the Terms and Conditions.

When a person registers with Globehunters, he can do so for free without paying any subscription. The only payment is the tickets.

Globehunters has been in the market for years, and people have appreciated its services. Today it is one of the most reliable and used sites in the United States.


  • It has a wide variety of flights departing from anywhere in the world.
  • They have constant offers published on the site.


  • Some offer codes are often deactivated by mistake.
  • All contact should be made with a person in the United States.

Globehunters is a good option for those who want to plan a future trip. The options it has are almost endless, and choosing a destination will be difficult. However, its offers make it a more attractive site, and its years within the market make it a practically safe option for the rest of the people.

At the End

Momondo and eDreams are great places to book, but you are up to some nice discounts if you pay for the OneTravel membership. So check these sites and find out which offer suits you better.