The Top 7 Surprising Benefits of Natural Alkaline Water

Nearly 60% of your weight consists of water in the human body.

People recommend drinking at least 8 cups of water each day. This water replenishes your body, cells, and pH levels that you feel healthy.

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a healthy pH level is by drinking alkaline water.

Continue reading to discover all of the benefits of drinking natural alkaline water!

1. Calm Acid Reflux

One of the largest benefits of drinking natural alkaline water is that it can help diminish acid reflux.

Alkaline water is used to neutralize the pH levels in the body so that they aren’t too acidic. Alkaline water typically has a pH level just below 9.0, which deactivates pepsin in the body. The pepsin enzyme is one of the main culprits of acid reflux.

You will have less acidic content in your stomach and gastrointestinal tract. This can help get you back to normal activities without feeling heartburn.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Some studies have shown that alkaline water can reduce high blood pressure.

Blood can flow more efficiently when people drink alkaline water. This ends up increasing oxygen delivery in the body, which results in a healthier and lower blood pressure level.

A great way to lower your blood pressure with alkaline water is by adding lemon to your morning glass. Although lemon is acidic, once it is combined with water and metabolized, it can neutralize your body.

3. Diabetes

Many people that suffer from diabetes can benefit from drinking natural alkaline water.

Alkaline water ensures that your blood and oxygen can properly move throughout the body. People with diabetes tend to have issues with their blood pressure and limbs not getting enough oxygen.

By drinking this water, you can improve your blood pressure and decrease symptoms of diabetes. Alkaline water also helps improve cholesterol levels as well, which plays a role in diabetes.

4. Improve Cholesterol

If you want to improve your cholesterol levels and feel healthier, you should drink alkaline water.

Studies have shown that high cholesterol levels are associated with the body’s alkaline balance. Many people are under the assumption, however, that consuming excessive amounts of fatty acids is the cause.

By drinking alkaline water, you can help level your cholesterol. There are a variety of antioxidants and minerals found within alkaline water that will help you do this. The potassium, magnesium, and zinc found in this water all help your body neutralize.

In this process, cholesterol deposits that have been formed, begin breaking down. These cholesterol deposits typically end up dispersed in the bloodstream.

To improve your cholesterol, you can make alkaline water yourself. By adding half a tablespoon of baking soda to 4 liters of water, you can neutralize it. Drink this water solution and watch your cholesterol improve!

5. Faster Hydration

When you are dehydrated and in need of water, don’t just grab the first option you see.

Alkaline water helps hydrate your body much faster than other waters. It is a good idea to drink alkaline water during the summer and while playing sports.

Since the water molecules are small in alkaline water, they can be easily absorbed by cells in the body. Once your cells have access to this water, they can quickly distribute it to other cells and organs.

There is also an increase in hydrogen found in alkaline water. This helps replenish quickly, even after a sweaty workout. Standard water is unable to hydrate you as well and can develop too much acid in your cells and blood.

6. Immunity Booster

Taking Vitamin C can help boost your immune system, but so can alkaline water.

This water is filled with antioxidants and nutrients that help improve your health. You can learn more about the benefits of alkaline water and the nutrients it has to offer.

Alkaline water is filled with calcium and magnesium as well. Both of these, along with multiple antioxidants, can help get rid of bacteria and radicals in the body. Calcium is also excellent for maintaining healthy bones.

Most of the time, people have a weakened immune system because of improper dieting, toxins, and stress. Alkaline water combats these problems by neutralizing acidity.

7. Feel and Look Younger

By drinking the right amount of alkaline water, you can feel and look younger than you are.

Being hydrated in general helps make people look younger. Water helps nourish the body and give it color. If you want to look good, you have to drink water, otherwise, bags under the eyes and discoloration can occur. Other issues that happen when you don’t drink enough water are that your skin and hair become dry.

Alkaline water can help you feel younger as well. Since it helps regulate your pH levels, you won’t be as uncomfortable. Your body will be able to quickly absorb the antioxidants and nutrients and deliver them to where they need to be.

Drink Natural Alkaline Water

For the body to properly function, it requires a lot of water. EVERY DAY.

Natural alkaline water should be one of the first things that you drink. Not only does it help regulate pH levels in your body, but it also nourishes it with antioxidants and nutrients.

These benefits can help you feel and look younger. Whether you buy bottled alkaline water or add lemon or baking soda, there are ways that you can benefit.

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