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If webcams are your thing and you enjoy meeting, chatting and having fun with hundreds of different strangers on a daily basis, this review will take you to the right place.

Chatrandom is a video chat application that promises to match you with different people from any corner of the world in one click, so you can enjoy a good chat or even virtual sex.

Today we will let you know the results of our investigations so that you judge yourself if it is part of the best adult dating sites.

In addition, we will advance you: confidence levels, costs and the possibilities you have to get something good in it.

Chatrandom Video Chat

Is this the ideal place to chat with strangers? Let’s see…

Despite not being the most popular among adult hookup sites nowadays, during 2016 it had a popularity boom that led it to be among the top 6,000 ranged in Alexa.

Finalizing its first year on the web with 2000 users and closing 2018 with more than 20 million monthly registrations, it has given something to talk about.

And precisely because the number of users who rely on this platform has increased so abruptly, we want to make sure that you really belong in that community.

About the site

Created in 2011, it has maintained a simple interface and design so that its users can enjoy the ride without major complications.

This is good for some and not so much for others. For those who use technology because they literally have no choice, it’s great.

But if you prefer a subtle and novel design at the same time, this may not be the best.

How Does Chatrandom Work?

The base service offered by this platform is chat rooms with random participants, in which, therefore, you instantly visualize and get to know any user regardless of where they are.

Its operation is to simply enable your webcam and microphone, click on “start” and start socializing with the person that the chat randomly throws at you.

If you don’t like your assigned partner, click on “next” and you’re done to continue socializing or clicking “next” until you get someone fit to what you are aiming for.

Chat Options

First, take into account that this platform can be synchronized with your smartphone by using the downloadable app, although if you are not using the VIP registration this isn’t very useful.

In addition, you have the search filters.

Chatrandom Video Chat offers filters for you to specify if you want to talk with people from specific countries, sexual preferences, genders or couples, and you can access all these filters as long as you register and create a premium account.

Can you use it without registering? Yes, but the chances of you connecting with a girl are almost nonexistent, and since you do not have any of those filters in your favor, you could run into anything.

The basic registration is free, and with it, you can access users of different nationalities by choosing one of the 10 countries that the platform shows you (also randomly) without knowing how many men you will find before you get to see a woman on camera.

The premium register offers you in addition to the aforementioned filters, free experience of ads, a back button in case that you regret any “next” that you throw up, and greater visibility to the users who buy it.

To acquire it you must pay one of these two packages:

  • Monthly $ 17.99
  • Weekly $ 4.99

And the only way to pay for them is through your credit card, which once registered gets charged once each period has ended under the name of

What About Security?

According to comments with their users and once reviewed the relevant security information, it seems that this platform does not lend itself to scams, but that does not prevent part of its users from doing so.

We did not find any complaints about the payment platforms, only some of the users who registered their card and stopped accessing their account without deactivating it.

Unsubscribing is completely free and if you don’t they continue to generate charges. In addition, if this happens to you they will NOT give you any refund.

Important– Always keep your personal and banking information out of the chat.


Chatrandom Video Chat is a page where you can find a large number of strangers from almost any country, where explicit content exists even against your will, and whose only mode of prevention is paying for the necessary filters.

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