Covering Every Base: 5 Pro Tips for the Beginner Baseball Player

Are you starting out in the wonderful world of beginner baseball? Are you worried you just won’t make the cut when it comes time to play?

We’ve got the tips you need to start hitting a home run in no time.

1. Know the Lingo

If you’re really new to the world of baseball, first off, you’ll need to figure out what everyone is talking about. Here are a few of the many terms you should probably look up before your first practice:

  • Strike
  • Inning
  • Circuit
  • Fly ball
  • Ground ball
  • Scoring position
  • On-deck

Don’t worry if you don’t get all of these down on your first day. Just keep trying your best!

2. Listen to Instructions

Baseball is a team sport, so it’s important to listen to your teammates and your coaches when it comes to the game. Your coaches may have constructive criticism for you that can really help you improve.

And learning to communicate with your teammates will help your team improve as a whole.

Make sure you don’t take the criticism personally, too. It’s important to be a team player and be gracious to make sure that your team doesn’t feel bad for helping you improve.

3. Get Your Stance On

You’ll need to figure out what the most comfortable batting stance is for you. This may change depending on the day or who you’re against, so it’s important to try out a few different options to see what you can make work.

To find good batting stances, consider your posture, your hand placement on the bat, your shoulder tilt, your elbow placement, the amount of power you want to apply, and your ability to swing.

All of these factors will help you successfully hit the ball in the direction you want it to go, so make sure you’re not neglecting anything.

4. Mix It Up

You shouldn’t be afraid to mix it up when it comes to your baseball game. While pitching, try out different locations and different types of throws to find what you do well (and to confuse your opponents). When hitting, try out different swings, and never be afraid to bunt.

Variety is the spice of life, after all!

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything else, the best way to get better at baseball is to get plenty of practice. You should try and get practice outside of regular team practices whenever possible so that you can improve more quickly.

If you can, find someone to practice with, so you can take turns pitching and throwing. Or, head to the batting cages!

You can also look into specialty practices, like weighted baseball throwing programs. Check out this link for more information.

Beginner Baseball Is Supposed to Be Fun

Remember, while you want to be good and improve, that’s not the be-all and end-all. Beginner baseball, like all sports, is for entertainment. So do your best, and have a good time! And when you’re ready for inspiration from the best of the best, consider watching the professionals live, grab your MLB All-Star Game Tickets for an unforgettable experience.

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Yvan Lebrun
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