6 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites

The cryptocurrency exchange business has been amazingly huge during the last few years and only promises to keep growing.

While most advanced countries use the cryptocurrency market only for trading and investment, some countries use them as a common currency to avoid local exchange controls.

Given this constant rise in the market, several online exchange sites offer services online and getting to choose one to trust can be confusing.

For this reason, we prepared this article to get you through the best online exchangers for you to join the cryptocurrency business.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Before we start with the list, you must know the basics of the cryptocurrency exchange business.

Cryptos are currencies with a base on a blockchain system, these are fairly more secure than fiat currencies like the USD based on SSL encryption, and as a major difference, the cryptocurrencies are not managed or regulated by any local government –And therefore, their value follows only their trust and availability on the open markets-.

As you can’t get any of these currencies from a bank and their systems work completely online, you have to go to an exchange site to “buy” them as assets.

You will either buy from an internal stock of the currencies or trade your fiat currencies for the electronic coins with other users on these sites.

But how do you trust them?

You have to verify that the exchanger is certified and trusted by other users for cold sites with trading stock. At the same time, sites that offer a free trade platform with other users will urge you to check every user’s trustworthiness before aiming to trade with him.

NoteAnother difference between trading with other users and going for a cold exchange is that the second has a higher fee. Still, on the first one, the currency’s value may vary depending on the urge to sell or buy the other person, which can help you get some earnings with any given transaction.

Now that you have a better idea of how to buy cryptocurrency, let’s break through the best exchange sites that you can find online:

Vantage FX

Official Site

With an entirely different perspective, Vantage FX offers you a trading platform with an attached exchange system.

Unlike a common exchanger or wallet, this site offers you the possibility of trading with CFDs and using tools to measure your possible earnings through chartist analysis.

One of its main features is its variety, as it offers several sub-platforms beneath the main service:

You can use an enhanced version of the Meta Trader 4 tools to analyze the price movements.

You can also use the web trader to manage operations or use tools like the MyFXBook to get them done automatically, access binary options, and even use the apps to do everything from a mobile device.

On the other hand, VantageFX does not give you much access without a paid account, and even if you make a standard deposit, some of the best features are reserved for the “Crude” account users.


  • Free registration
  • Tons of great features
  • Automatic trading system
  • Mobile friendly


  • Pay-to-enjoy system
  • You have to pay more to get all the cool features.


Official Site

The main vision of Jubiter is to make it simple for anyone who wishes to enter the cryptocurrency market, thus giving the user the greatest accessibility, including those operators who may lack technological knowledge.

It has a fairly simple authentication and registration process just with your email and a great interface that allows the ease of transactions –More about this below-.


Thanks to its constant evolution, you can access your wallet wherever you are and at any time with the apps designed for mobile devices.

Like opening an account, the app is completely free and easily allows you to buy, sell, and exchange your cryptocurrency. This makes it even more attractive for users who are in the run and need to access their portfolio on their own terms.

Is It Safe to Use?

Safety is one of the main concerns that you should have when moving your money online.

The platform offers the most advanced functions in security measures, performs monthly updates with multiple layers of security, and meets the highest standards of infrastructure.

This way, they make sure that the transactions made will never be compromised.

Besides, when you register, Jubiter takes very seriously in guaranteeing your personal data privacy, protects your identity and logins, using data encryption based on blockchain, which is in the safest encryption system time.

NoteTo guarantee you and give you complete confidence, no hacker, no other user, or even personnel of the same platform can access your information as a user.

What Can I Use It For?

Jubiter works both for saving and for frequent trade.

97% of user funds are insured in cold stores. The remaining 3% is available for daily commerce, protected by the strongest data encryption possible.

At the time of a transaction, these are authorized immediately, which is an improvement compared to traditional cold wallets, making you wait for 48hrs to authorize the transaction.

Customer Support

When making any questions or asking for help on the platform, customer service will be available 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday. In addition, they offer a communication service either by email, telephone, or live forum, to solve any problem to be manifested immediately.

Until now, Jubiter sounds like a great option to keep and trade in the cryptocurrency business.

Its constant evolution and availability in more than 151 countries turn out to be online wallets with the highest global popularity.

They are also expected to grow even more with their project to offer a physical Bitcoins debit card, which users can use daily to pay for their purchases and even withdraw cash from ATMs.

If you want to enter the world of online transactions, Jubiter will be an excellent ally. It offers a trustworthy service and some interesting features which can be enjoyed easily and without security breaches.


Official Site

easyForex makes a whole rebrand and evolution campaign in 2013, giving us as result a great broker and trading platform to execute operations online.

While easyMarkets hardly counts as one of the best cryptocurrency exchange sites, it fits this list because you can actually use it as an exchange. At the same time, it offers several ways –Including some crypto- in which you can perform your deposits.

On their platform, you will be able to operate with about 300 different assets with low leverage.

Unlike most online trading platforms, easyTrades is highly regulated, making it a hack-free and fraud-free platform by all means. But, at the same time, it also offers one of the greatest customer support services that you will find online.

In the end, this is a unique platform that offers global brokerage and allows you to do simple and profitable trading with cryptocurrencies and many other 100% legal options.


  • Besides the risks of trading, it is risk-free
  • Great customer support
  • Great users reviews


  • No direct exchange
  • Low leverage for risky traders

To know more about easyMarkets: easyMarkets Gold Review


Official Site

CoinDirect offers you a peer-to-peer exchange platform where you can exchange about 45 different cryptocurrencies online. At the same time, it also offers the possibility of stocked-site conversion so that you can use the system to aim for profits without the exchange process.

This site is well regulated and allows transactions worldwide, allowing you to enjoy a safe and almost risk-free trading environment.

About its usability, it allows p2p transactions and inside conversions alone through inside wallets. Admittedly, the fees are a little high –At 1% for each buys transaction-, but you can still take advantage of the market movements, and all fees are constantly visible before and after each movement.

In the end, you have one of the best exchange sites available, with great customer support and currencies available but with somewhat high rates.


  • Easy to use
  • Free registration
  • Clear fees and rates
  • Allows both types of exchanging process
  • More than 40 different currencies


  • High fees
  • Sellers usually have a higher price than the platforms converter


Official Site

Xtrade is a popular trading platform that offers you the possibility of moving your money in cryptocurrencies and many other commodities.

While this platform is well-regulated and fairly popular, it counts with some disadvantages, including some inconclusive scam reports and the fact that you can’t switch between types of accounts nor use the MT4 directly on your account to trade.


  • Easy to use
  • Trading without commission fees


  • Some scam complaints can be found online
  • No mt4
  • No switching between account types


Official Site

Avatrade is a great option for professional trading online. Even when it is not a formal exchange, it allows you to generate income with the market changes through cryptocurrencies CFDs and almost 250 financial instruments.

This platform offers excellent support to beginner users and is great for entering the trading world along with the cryptocurrency business.

On the downside, it doesn’t offer a direct exchange, for which you have to open or close operations to manage the coins and won’t be able to make purchases with them.


  • Free registration
  • Beginner-friendly


  • No real exchange unless you count withdrawals in coins.

To sum up

By this moment, you already know some of the best cryptocurrency exchange sites. Besides, we walked you through the 2 ways in which you can usually acquire digital coins.

CoinDirect presents many advantages in both possibilities and security when choosing a platform but is not a great deal for actual trading with crypto.

If you are looking for something more like a trading platform, Avatrade will probably be the best option. And if you are willing to make high-risk bets on new tokens, Changelly ends up being one of the very few options around.

In the end, all you need to do is sign up and start diving into the cryptocurrency business.