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Learning to dance like a professional is the frustrating dream of many, especially if you are introverted and have no intention of enrolling in an Academy. But it doesn’t have to end like this. Today we are going to tell you about the Best Dance Courses Online.

Dance Magazine

Dance Magazine

Official Site

This is an online magazine that you can also get in print.

While this isn’t exactly a dance courses academy, you’ll be able to keep abreast of everything that’s going on in the world of professional dance entertainment, as well as keep an eye out for applications to major dance schools such as Julliard Dance.


  • It’s just a magazine, not a dance academy.
  • You can get a printed edition for an additional cost.
  • They have a newsletter subscription.
  • It covers important news and information about the world of dance at a professional level.

They also count on interesting elements such as the month’s video or the possibility of interacting on social networks.

On the other hand, the navigation is quite simple. You will find a small row with categories where you can find from viral videos of the world of dance to auditions and promotions in your left hand.

Dance Magazine is undoubtedly a good place to keep abreast of what’s happening in the dance culture world. Still, it’s not the best option to avoid face-to-face academies because all the auditions or applications they offer are aimed at academies in the United States.

Official Site

Unlike our first item on the list, this website does have online dance lessons, so you don’t have to attend an Academy directly.

Not only that, this platform covers many dance types, not just the one focused on theater.

You will find Latin and ballroom dances, hip hop, salsa, ballet, Club Dancing, freestyle, tap Dance, Argentine tango, Arabic dance, and even breakdance.


  • You have both free lessons and Premium courses.
  • This platform has a directory of studies that you can attend personally.
  • Videos are guaranteed in HD or 4k.
  • The free courses have excellent reviews, while the paid courses have quite affordable prices.
  • Offer the possibility to sell your dance course on video or DVD
  • You can also advertise your dance academy on this website without any problems. is, in general, a website dedicated to learning. This is why it uses all possible tools to make it easier for you to learn to dance in the style you’re looking for.

If you want to go out on the dance floor at parties, a free course on this platform will not hurt you; however, you must invest in a paid course to take a more professional path.

Addictive Dancing

Addictive Dancing

Official Site

A site by the hand of Shawn Trautman, professional dancer, and instructor, governed under the slogan of “save time & Dance better.”

This online dance academy has many elements that will help you polish your skills on the dance floor quickly.

First, the program is based on Challenges and lessons that will help you see how easy and fun it can be to learn to dance and change your life.

AddictiveDancing features ballroom, country, romantic, and competitive dance lessons.

Lesson videos cost between $22.99 and $29.99, depending on whether you buy the DVD and access the videos.

On the other hand, participation in the challenges has a cost of 99.99$ and has options for discounts if you access it before the beginning of the challenge.

What makes this modality special is that it is an intensive learning medium. They will receive a full video lesson a day and compete against other dance couples who want to learn to polish their skills while enjoying the content.


  • AddictiveDancing features fresh and different learning modalities
  • The price of the courses is quite affordable.
  • There is not much variety of dance types.
  • Lessons are limited to the couple’s dance.

If you have a partner to dance with, this is probably the best website to polish those skills, especially if you have the time and willingness to take advantage of the offers of challenges.

Official Site

Have you noticed that most dance academies aim at children’s audiences or people who already know how to dance a little and want to polish their skills?

Well, DanceClass breaks with this stereotype.

This dance courses academy mainly offers online dance classes for adult beginners.

Although they do not have an incredible variety of options, you will find instructive videos quite friendly for what incursions into the world of dance with the greatest ease and expectation possible on this platform.

Among your Dance Class options are Ballet, modern dance, hip hop, Latin dances, basic salsa, ballroom, and belly dance.


  • Among other things, this platform offers you a dance diary where you can keep track of and review all the tips you may need while you learn to dance.
  • Most elections are aimed at a public with zero knowledge, so they are quite friendly.
  • The first lesson of each course is free.

On the other hand, this website offers you a blog with interesting tips, and prices are not exaggerated. For example, online classes are priced at $17.98, DVDs cost between $17.98 and $39.98, and newspapers and printed notebooks are priced at $6.49.

In the end, Dance Class is a pretty efficient online academy, especially if you don’t have any dance knowledge and have to start polishing your skills from scratch.

Latin Dance Movement

Dance Courses

Official Site

We can’t talk about dancing leaving Latin America behind. But, in fact, Latin dances usually are the hottest ones and those that make our blood boil the most.

For this reason, LatinDanceMovement has grown as much, focusing only on one of the most striking dances in the world, “La Salsa.”

Hervin Alvares, founder, and instructor of this website, has been a professional dancer for over ten years and has experience studying and teaching in the best dance schools nationwide.

But not only does his experience back him up, but this website also has an incredible amount of positive reviews and offers you directly to become a “Salsa Ninja.”


  • The salsa lessons on this website are elementary to take and range from level zero to salon salsa.
  • You can choose between solo lessons or accompanied lessons with your partner.
  • Choices are 100% online because you don’t have the option to buy DVDs.

If you want to become an expert salsa dancer, be it salsa de salon, Salsa Brava, salsa erotica, or traditional salsa, on this platform, you will find the best dance courses for you to learn how to do it with flavor.


Dance Courses

Official Site

The last item on this list is going to take us back north. As you must have noticed, pop culture tends to make history, and over the last decade, freestyle dance has become a fairly popular dance mode.

In this regard, Steezy is dedicated to covering only urban and modern styles ranging from Waacking to House or Hip Hop.

This website teaches you to dance from the hands of the country’s best professionals, starting with basic and theoretical lessons as a fundamental style, and taking you to the most advanced levels with incredible dance steps, games, and dynamics.

Unlike other services we’ve listed, Steezy works by membership, so you can pay $99.99 a year or $19.99 a month to learn to dance with infinite choices at your own pace.


  • You keep pace with your lessons.
  • You can acquire all the programs by only paying for the membership.
  • Has more than 430 hours of classes
  • Added videos of new classes each week
  • You have unlimited access to a community of professionals to give you feedback.

Also, this online dance academy offers you a free 7-day trial so that you can see the content and make the decision to enter your community with greater certainty.

Long Story Short

We hope this list has been useful for you and you have a better idea of where to start learning to dance or where to get the best instructional videos to polish your skills on the dance floor.

Remember that you can take dance courses like Dance Class or Udemy if you want to learn from scratch. Take the long road with Steezy and learn at your own pace with professional feedback support.

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