4 Amazing ways to earn more points and miles

The idea of earning airline points and miles is quite tempting, especially for those who love to travel and want to do so without spending a lot or no money.

However, this can be an easy task for those who have been doing it for some time, but for those who want to start, it can become quite a complicated task.

What are the travel points and miles?

Points and miles consist of a plan created by most virtual airlines and travel companies, which work by accumulating points or kilometers to travel for each purchase made with a credit card in the various associations constantly.

Each point or mile collected has a value of its own, so once enough bonuses have been accumulated, they can be exchanged for airline tickets or other travel benefits.

Types of points and miles

You must know several points and miles for your best choice. Among the most used are:

Airline Miles

This type of bonus consists of accumulating mileage for travel with a particular company and emphasizing that each airline sets its policies for its users.

Points in Hotels

These vouchers are similar to those for airline miles, with the difference that they are categorized by points and valid in hotels associated with credit cards or even some airline companies. Thus, there is the possibility of using the points for both things (travel and hotels).

Points of fixed value

These bonuses are characterized by the fixed value of cumulative points, which through credit cards can be spent on whatever is desired, taking into consideration the increases or reductions that may exist and that do not affect the values of the points.

Therefore, at the time of changing them, there is the possibility that they have to add a difference in money.

Transferable points and bonuses

As its name indicates, these points can be transferred between partner banks. So, for example, if they have five different banks and there is some relationship between them, the points you accumulate separately can be transferred to yourself when you want to change them for some trip.

4 Amazing ways to earn more points and miles

1. Reaching for the right credit cards

Credit cards are usually the starting point for earning points and miles, most fruitfully since most provide the opportunity to accumulate many bonuses through registration. Besides, many credit cards offer optimal ways to collect points through the daily expenses made by owners based on categories.

These methods can vary depending on the credit card and the category they offer. For example, Chase Ultimate Rewards offers 5 points for every dollar spent on the phone or in the office, and so the Ink Bold and Ink Plus card, with spending on cable and Internet bills.

On the other hand, credit cards have been created that offer bonuses to be earned depending on the annual expenses made according to the calendar, such as the creation of the Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card, which grants bonuses of up to 15,000 points, making known the importance of obtaining the ideal credit cards.

2. Limit cash spending when shopping

Buying with cash and having a credit card at hand is considered a waste of points. However, as a financially responsible owner, you can take advantage of every dollar expenditure when making it with a credit card and thus obtain points.

Nowadays, the processing costs must be evaluated because a wide range of trades can be canceled with a credit card, such as telephone, groceries, gas, and even public services. Among the stores where you can earn the most points and miles are Target and Nordstrom.

3. Expose your travels through social networks.

Today, social networks have become the best tools to get points in airlines and hotels. This is because they are the primary users of networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, characterized by contests and promotions for those who give more likes to publications.

More and more airlines are joining the offer of bonuses and miles for those who subscribe to the different newsletters. Even hotels like Starwood and airline agencies like Delta have applications that give away extra points and miles for using them for any flight registration or booking signal.

4. Dinner at airline partner restaurants

Another super important tool to acquire more points and miles is to make constant dinners at restaurants associated with airlines like United by registering and registering your credit card.

With this option, you can earn between 2 and 5 miles for every dollar you spend eating. This way, the more you pay in restaurants each month, the faster you can benefit from a trip for the sum of points.

As you can see, if you pay attention to the things around you, you will realize that accumulating points and miles is much easier than it seems. But, of course, you can do it by shopping daily and even reading emails. But here, we present an option.

(BONUS) Chase Ultimate Rewards

Today, in the market, a significant number of credit cards grant rewards. In its majority, these cards share their brands with hotels and specific airlines for which an extra percentage is gained in the purchases or acquisitions.

In the case of Chase Ultimate Rewards, you can count on the following features:

  • First, it provides access to 7 partner travel airlines and four hotels.
  • This access capability refers to transferring points to partner airlines or hotels directly, giving you various options for redeeming points.
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards Rule 5/24

This rule prevents owners of 5 credit cards purchased at any bank in the last 24 months from obtaining a new Chase Ultimate Rewards card.

The point is that several users had hacked a nine steps strategy to acquire the Chase Ultimate Rewards without any problem.

1. Start with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card

This card has a bonus for those who register initially, which helps you get off to a good start. For every dollar the owner spends on meals and travel, including hotels and flights, he will earn 2 points. So it becomes the ideal card to start earning points without spending a lot of money mainly.

2. Make Chase Sapphire Preferred the card of choice

It is essential to pay the credit card for all purchases made since the first time it was awarded to add points and thus meet the minimum spending requirement to complete the registration voucher.

3. Completing the Minimum Cost of the Registration Bonus

Although it may not seem important, this is a requirement to enter and grow in the world of acquiring points and miles. For this reason, it is crucial to generate a spending plan so that money is not wasted making unnecessary purchases but that liabilities are used to earn bonuses.

4. Using the Chase Ultimate Rewards Card Shopping Website

Looking at the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal rather than any other website when shopping online is advisable. You can earn extra points if the store is directly associated with Chase.

In addition to demonstrating that you are interested in making good use of the credit card you have and taking advantage of the benefits it brings with it.

5. Sign up for a meal plan

In addition to making purchases and trips using the credit card. It is vital that you can join a meal plan at a restaurant associated with the credit card to earn more points with each meal you spend. Even after 11 dinners, you can obtain a VIP mode, acquiring 5 points for every dollar spent in the participating restaurants.

6. Use Dosh to acquire some additional refunds on daily purchases.

Another strategy to earn points with Chase Ultimate Rewards is to join the Dosh program, which provides an extra cash rebate on purchases made at partner stores. Besides, they can register quickly and easily with a credit card, earning up to 7% in cash.

7. Learn how to use Ultimate Rewards

It is essential to earn extra points and miles with Chase Ultimate Rewards. In addition, you can get to know the diversity of airline and hotel partners, the excellent handling for exchanging points, and their rebates and gifts.

8. Determine a travel purpose

It is vital that once you start earning points and miles, plan how you want to change them. For example, you can try an international flight or use them to take the family somewhere, depending on the options available at the time of redemption.

9. Get more Chase Ultimate Rewards

The world of acquiring points and miles doesn’t rest. You can always get more and more rewards by making purchases and canceling invoices. To do this, you must be aware of new promotions and take advantage of them whenever possible.

At the End

Now you know how to make the best when farming your points and miles. If you need the best benefits for a busy traveling year, follow the Chase Ultimate Rewards guide, one of the best cards you can get on the market for earning miles!

Let us know how your trip goes! Leave us a comment!

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