9 Essential SEO Trends to Know in 2022

Today, 68% of all online activity is initiated by Google or another search engine. You must keep up with search engine optimization (SEO) trends for your brand or business to stand out.

Learning all about SEO in 2022 will help you get more traffic and attention to your site. Read below to learn more about the SEO trends that can make a difference for your brand in 2022.

1. Study the Best Keywords

Learning how to do SEO starts with keywords. Doing keyword research can go a long way to improve your SEO.

You can use a free keyword planner to help you find the right selections. Several software packages you can invest in will teach you about the ideal keyword density and usage for any piece of content you create.

It’ll help you choose a variety of long-tail and short-tail keywords that’ll be useful. Using keywords correctly will help you improve your Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) so that your website ranks as highly as possible.

2. Work on Your Content Marketing Schedule

When you understand the importance of SEO, you know that it’s about long-term gains. Quality content will create a connection with your followers that can pay off.

Start brainstorming content marketing ideas that you can use on a regular schedule.

Some of the best content marketing ideas include:

  • Publish a blog with multiple posts per week
  • Creating informative infographics
  • Shoot and publish video content
  • Plan out your social media posts
  • Host live streams

In 2022, every brand needs a solid content marketing campaign. Releasing original content will help you get more traffic, raise brand awareness, improve conversions, and more.

3. Build Out Your Links

You need a link-building strategy to get the most from your marketing today. It helps to use a mix of internal and external links in your content.

Make sure that all of your links are authoritative and helpful. They should be anchored to the text in an on-topic and not distracting way. When you work on your link-building strategy, it’ll help you generate more traffic and will build your site’s SEO metrics.

Using quality links will give your brand more credibility as your awareness grows.

4. Make Sure to Focus on Local

Always take a local approach to your SEO strategies. Local keywords and a presence on sites like Google My Business and Yelp can make it easier for people to find you.

People needing any kind of service today typically search for the services in their area and then start eliminating options by reviews. When you correctly use local SEO strategies, you’ll always show up at the top of the list, bringing more traffic and revenue to your business.

5. Stay Up to Date With the Algorithms

Google is ever-changing, so you can’t remain static and complacent with your strategies. Study algorithms and always understand the updates that are released.

Throughout the years, Google has made changes like moving to BERT Update and Hummingbird Update. Google goes through constant algorithm updates, so get help from an SEO professional that can help you adapt.

6. Write Blogs That Are Long Form

Penning a blog is one of the best things you can do for SEO progress today. It’s a built-in tool that you can use to spread keywords that are powerful and get you ranking results.

Blogs also consist of high-quality content that people will enjoy checking out regularly. Make sure your blog posts are error-free and that you’re taking a unique angle on every subject that you tackle. In 2022, long-form blog posts will get you the best results.

People are interested in value over everything. A well-written, thorough blog that entertains, informs, and solves problems will always do well with your audience. Using the right primary and secondary keywords in well-placed areas can help you get more views on your quality work.

Adding authoritative links will help add credibility to your work and makes people want to come back and share it with their friends. A rock-solid blogging strategy alone can help you get many of the SEO results you seek.

7. Implement Voice Search

Doing SEO in 2022 means keeping up with the technology. Many people today are using devices that allow voice search.

This means you have to optimize your content so people can easily find it by running one of these searches. Expect more of these devices to emerge as the years go on, meaning voice search will only become more important.

8. Incorporate Video Content

Video content should also remain a cornerstone for your SEO efforts in 2022. It’s the type of content that people prefer today, and it’s one of your most versatile marketing assets.

Video is great for SEO because:

  • Google’s algorithms find it valuable
  • It’s an effective tool for generating traffic
  • You can build links into your content
  • Video is easily shareable
  • People watch videos on different devices
  • Video content raises brand awareness
  • You can improve your conversions

Putting video content to use is one of the best ways to grow your SEO presence, no matter what kind of brand you’re running.

9. Make Sure Your Pages Are Fast

Speed kills, so you need to improve your site if you’re hoping to knock it out of the park with your SEO. People have short attention spans and little patience and don’t offer as much grace for slow-loading websites as they may have in the past.

You need to build your sites with quick loading times and ensure that it’s easy to navigate and immediately create an impression. None of your other SEO strategies will make a difference if you can’t keep people on the site.

Use the Best SEO Trends

Knowing the best SEO trends will help you get everything you need from your brand. This can be the difference between success or failure with your marketing, so start executing these strategies to the best of your ability.

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