Here’s How to Plan the Perfect Beach Vacation

Summer is coming up, and you know what that means. It’s time to give yourself the gift of fun in the sun and take a beach vacation.

Going to the beach is a luxury for people who don’t live anywhere near the coast. You get to bask in the sun, play in the ocean, and hopefully get a great tan (but don’t forget to wear sunscreen).

We’re here to help you plan your perfect beach getaway. Read on to learn more.

First: Choose the Right Beach

Planning a trip starts with picking the destination. Which beach are you going to go to this summer?

Consider your budget. If you don’t have the money to fly long-distance, you’re going to either pick a destination that you can drive to or one that’s a short-distance flight away.

Remember that you’re not limited to oceanfront areas. Plenty of lakes have beaches as well, and they might be more accessible to people who live in the middle of the country.

Click for a few popular beach locations.

Check the Weather Before Committing

You’d be surprised how many people book beach vacations before checking the weather, even when a large storm or hurricane is on the way. Before you book your hotel, make sure that the weather will at least be decent.

It’s important to note that in beach towns, the weather can change in an instant. A hot and sunny Florida day will turn into a thunderstorm and then back again in a matter of minutes.

It’s a good idea to plan some indoor activities just in case.

Dress for the Occasion

Once you get to your location, you can pick up certain essentials you may not have had room for in your luggage. Sunscreen, for example, will always be readily available.

It’s in your best interest to bring all the clothing you’ll need, however. Yes, you can buy bathing suits and cover-ups in a beach town, but they’ll be marked up significantly.

Remember that you’ll still need “normal clothes” if you’re on a beach vacation. Many tourists end up trying to visit restaurants and local stores in bathing suits and cover-ups, and this isn’t usually appropriate.

Bring shorts, appropriate shirts, beach-friendly shoes, and at least one cooler-weather item (like a jacket). And of course, bring your bathing suit.

Remember Beach Safety

If you’re bringing small children with you, or if you’ve never been to the beach before yourself, make sure that you brush up on beach safety, especially if you’re going into the ocean.

Always swim in an area with a lifeguard unless you know for sure that you’re an above-average swimmer. Learn how to identify rip currents and get yourself out of one.

Make sure that you re-apply sunscreen and learn how to identify signs of overheating.

It’s Time for Your Beach Vacation

Start packing your bags. Your beach vacation is on the horizon! Use these tips to plan a vacation that you’re sure to remember. Don’t forget to take photos!

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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