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Hertz Review

When looking for car rental services, you may get across the name Hertz now and then. In this Hertz review, we discuss a company that links car rental services of several markets to their target audience and brings some insurance to both the client and the holder.

What is Hertz?

Hertz is an American company whose intention is to provide an ideal car rental and sale service safely and economically.

The company has been number one in the US for two consecutive years, according to the J.D Power award, 2020. Besides, Hertz also has extensive options for the customer’s enjoyment, who can choose from a luxury car to wild and all-terrain vans to make your trip a show full of comfort and security.

This company concentrates its headquarters in Estero, Florida, and provides international options for approximately 160 countries to opt for this service. In addition to focusing on the rental, distribution, and sale of cars, Hertz’s wide variety of services ranges from moving services to assisting in production equipment for film projects or stages, adapting to the different needs of its customers.

How to use Hertz?

Thus, to opt for this service, there are two important options:

  • To book through the website, thus saving a monetary percentage with online prepayments or;
  • Go directly to the booking offices and make the corresponding payment.

To make the reservation online, you must enter the Hertz site within the customer’s location area and register completely free. This registration will require personal data such as name, age, address, driver’s license, and payment information.

The next step is establishing a vehicle itinerary and selecting the time, place, and time needed for the car’s stay. Then, the page will show several options of available vehicles and their characteristics, such as the number of passengers, luggage space, and mileage.

There are also options to add extra equipment at an additional cost, and after this, the client reviews the request to proceed with the reservation.

Furthermore, the organization allows you to “Check-in” in an easy way with the online method, with only three steps;

  1. Enter the reservation confirmation number and the first and last name of the client
  2. Complete the registration form
  3. At the time of pick up the vehicle, present the driver’s license with the credit card.

You can also request the invoice virtually, filling in all the required data. It is worth mentioning that the invoice will be generated seven days after the car’s return.

Can I trust Hertz?

Having said all the above, is it true that Hertz guarantees you impeccable service? There are many answers and reviews about this service. The website demonstrates this. Trustpilot, in the category “Car rental agency,” managed to get approximately 1700 opinions about Hertz, obtaining a below-average reputation.

Most of the bad comments focused on the poor quality of customer service, especially in places like Mexico and Miami, and complaints about the appearance of certain vehicles and problems with vehicle availability.

At least for these two places, the population’s satisfaction was not entirely pleasant. However, there are also good reviews of this service. Even so, the advantages that this agency offers to each client can be highlighted:


  • The client can access up to a 30% discount for their service.
  • Through the website, it is possible to modify or cancel a scheduled reservation.
  • This agency has offices in 160 countries, reiterating the breadth of its international reach.
  • Due to the Covid-19 situation, the company takes care of deep disinfection for each car, with a team of excellence to establish more reliability.
  • You can opt for points in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards the more you rent from the company. The more hits will be pooled for the customer to have more advantages, from free full service to more vigorous discounts.


On the other hand, the most notorious disadvantages of the company would be the following;

Thanks to the multiple complaints from various Hertz agencies in Mexico, it is essential to consider the poor customer service these offices can provide; both insistence on additional costs and communication problems between customer-server.

Once again, reference is made to several disagreements with the agencies in Mexico since clients claim that the cars they receive do not have the necessary preparations to be on the road and the low quality of the vehicles is notorious even though we are talking about a big fish in the car rental agency market.

The fines assigned by this agency can be contemplated in excess. Therefore, correctly adding all the car’s details when delivered within the form is of utmost relevance.

Our Verdict

Despite some bad reviews regarding the service offered by this company, it is recommended to the public for several reasons.

Firstly, the agency operates hundreds of travel websites. Besides, it is one of the most searched and easy to find once your stay at the airport is done.

Hertz can get you out of emergencies in terms of availability, and the days of the reservation can be up to a full week. The most advisable when preferring Hertz is to be very careful about details. As previously mentioned, it is better to be safe than sorry for any failure that does not correspond to the client and must be paid equally.

Also, we may advise you to plan each car reservation since it is always better to remember the main requirements, such as being over 21 years old and having a valid driver’s license, to solve any mishap. Hertz company is located in almost every travel destination in America and part of Europe. The intention remains to please the customer in every way.

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