How Much Does Dumpster Rental Cost? A Helpful Price Guide

Maybe you’re redoing your bathroom or you’re clearing out an old building. Perhaps you’re moving to a new house and need to get rid of some old junk. Then, a dumpster rental is the perfect solution!

But how much does it cost?

Dumpster pricing can be confusing, so keep reading to discover an easy-to-understand guide to dumpster rental costs.

Dumpster Rental Cost by Size

The average cost to rent a dumpster is about $400, but of course, that varies by size.

If you’re doing a small project, $400 might be more than the actual project costs. Not to worry! Let’s dive into the general pricing for dumpsters by size.

  • 10 Yard: $300
  • 20 Yard: $385
  • 30 Yard: $450
  • 40 Yard: $495

What Does the Dumpster Rental Price Include?

Most dumpster rental prices will include everything you would expect. From delivery and pickup, your fee should cover it all. The only work that you’ll need to do that’s associated with the dumpster is adding materials to it.

Your dumpster rental price should include a weight estimate. If you’re filling it with household junk, this will be lighter and therefore less expensive than if you’re serving it with metal materials or roofing shingles.

Price by Location

The price of dumpster rental will likely also vary by location. If you live somewhere with a lower cost of living, the price should be lower than if you live in a city with a high cost of living.

If you live far out in a rural area you’ll end up paying more for your dumpster rental because a driver has to go back and forth several times.

Why Is It so Expensive to Rent a Metal Box?

Does it seem a little absurd that you would pay nearly $500 for someone to come and put an ugly metal box in your yard?

The price of your dumpster rental also includes landfill fees, which can be pretty expensive! The dumpster service will pay the landfill company a fee in order to dump there legally. The landfill company’s prices will vary widely and depend on how much and even what is being left.

Prices can be anywhere from $30 to $1000, which is why dumpster rental prices can vary so greatly.

Where to Find Cheap Dumpster Rental

If these numbers are seeming a little out of budget for you, there’s no need to worry! There are plenty of affordable options for cheap dumpster rental, so keep these tips in mind.

  • Look for small local companies.
  • Do your research and shop around before committing to one company
  • See if there’s a discount for an early return
  • If the dumpster doesn’t get dirty from your materials, let the company know.

Start Shopping Today

Now that you know more about dumpster rental costs, it’s time to start shopping around. First, look for local companies in your area and try to talk to a customer representative.

Online estimate calculators can only do so much, so by talking to someone and explaining your exact situation, you might be able to get a special rate.

Start shopping today!

Yvan Lebrun
Yvan Lebrun

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