How to Choose the Right School for Your Child

Last year, nearly 49.5 million children were enrolled in public schools in the United States. From prekindergarten to grade 12, students learn about the basics while making friends and playing sports. If you want to get your child into a school where they feel comfortable learning, you need to consider a few factors. Read further if you want to learn how to choose the right school for your child so that they can be happy!

Pay Attention to the Location

One of the most crucial factors in learning how to choose the right school for your child is the location.

Commuting 45 minutes daily to get to and from school can be exhausting for you and your child. When choosing the right school for your child, you want to find something nearby your neighborhood or job.

When you live close to the school, your child can either take the bus, walk, or carpool. It also makes them less likely to miss an entire day if they wake up late for school. If you find something near your job, this could also work, don’t ignore time management.

Depending on the location, you could get your child into a better-funded school that isn’t in the city’s heart.

Look at Reviews

Much like looking up reviews when you make a purchase, you want to do the same to choose the right school for your child.

Online reviews can give you a lot more information about the school than you can find on their websites. Previous students and parents can post experiences on these review sites to guide parents like you.

If you come across concerning reviews, take note of them. When you contact the schools, you can mention your comments and concerns. Often, these past concerns get addressed and are no longer an issue once they are brought to light.

Social media sites can also give you a glimpse of the school’s culture. The comments, posts, and other content will give you an unfiltered view of the school.

Tour the School

Videos and photos are helpful, but sometimes it takes a visit to the school to decide.

Schools host open house nights throughout the year where parents and children can explore the classrooms. This is a great opportunity to get your child acclimated to the school and meet some of the teachers. When you go to the school, it’s easier to make a connection and decide if it’s the right fit.

Some things to pay attention to during your tour are classroom sizes, cleanliness, and resource access.

Compare Teaching Methods

Public schools are the most common schools, and their teaching methods are often teacher-centered.

Montessori and private schools often use different curriculums and styles of teaching. Depending on the ways that your child likes to learn, one option might be better than the other. If your child has any learning disabilities, ensure that the school can make accommodations.

Montessori schools are becoming more popular as children gain independence and master milestones. You can learn here about why so many people are putting their children in these schools versus other options.

Ask Your Child

Going to school, especially a new one, can be overwhelming for a child.

If you want to help your child transition to their new school, you should include them in the search process. Asking your child what they want in school can help you understand their needs and passions. Don’t rush through this conversation; let them know you are always open to learning more.

As your child gets more exposure to the school, they can decide if they feel comfortable. Asking them is also important since it gives them a sense of control when their normal routine is changing.

Be patient at your child talks to you about each school. They might like one at first and change their mind.

Available Sports to Play

Finding a school for your child becomes simpler if you know what sports they like.

If your child wants to play soccer or hockey, check the local schools to see if they have a team. Not only is it a great opportunity for a successful future, but they also help your child develop and make friends.

When you can’t find a school with your child’s favorite sports, look for travel or club teams in the area. Montessori schools often don’t have sports teams. However, the children still find ways to develop new skillsets.

Evaluate the Safety of School

Student safety is a major concern right now, and you should consider it when finding a school.

If you are hesitant about sending your little one to the classroom with so many concerns on the news, think about your options. Just because you have a school down the street doesn’t mean it’s the right fit if fights and issues often arise.

Pay attention to the school and city’s reputation to identify if your child will be protected. Some schools have placed metal detectors, cameras, and security in the building to ensure protection.

Although incidents happen in the most unpredictable places, you can still take steps to feel more comfortable.

Do You Know How to Choose the Right School for Your Child?

Learning how to choose the right school for your child can make a big difference in their success.

Support and motivation are essential for your child’s success, so you should ensure they’re in the right environment. Although the school’s location is often the largest factor, don’t be afraid to look for alternatives to public education.

If your child is getting support from excellent staff and knowledgeable teachers, they are more likely to enjoy school.

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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