How to Store Ammo at Home: Everything You Need to Know

In 2020, the US gun industry manufactured more than 11 million firearms. Ammo may be necessary for your gun, but there are a lot of federal and state regulations around buying, possessing, and storing it. If you have a lot of ammo in your house, it is important to know about laws around obtaining and storing it. You don’t want to put it in the wrong place and get in trouble. This article will discuss several tips on how to store ammo at home in a safe manner properly.

Determine Your Ammo Needs

Ammo is expensive, and you want to ensure you take care of it. Determine how much ammo you need. It will depend on how often you shoot and what kind of firearms you own.

If you only shoot a few times a year, you can get away with storing a smaller amount. However, if you are an avid shooter, you must keep more.

Invest in high-quality ammo to ensure proper functions and durability. There are online stores where you can check several types of rifle brass that offer the best quality. Ensure that the ammo you are getting is compatible with the type of guns you use.

Organizing Storage for Ammo

Like most people, you have a few boxes of ammo lying around your house. You may be keeping them in your closet or a drawer, but whatever the case, it’s important to know how to store ammo properly.

It would be best if you always stored ammo in its original box. It will protect the ammo from moisture and dirt and keep it organized. If you have multiple ammo boxes, you can store them in a larger container, such as a toolbox or Tupperware bin.

Be sure to label the containers, so you know what’s inside. And if you have any special ammunition, such as tracer or armor-piercing rounds, be sure to mark those as well clearly.

You should note the date of purchase on the label and the caliber or gauge. Make sure to include a list of contents on the label.

One of the most effective ways to store ammo at home is to use military-style cans. These cans can store ammo with security, and you can stack them together to save space. When stacking the cans, ensure the lids are closed, so the ammo doesn’t fall out.

Choose a Good Storage Location

A good storage location for ammunition is dry, cool, and out of the way of children and pets. If you don’t have a cool, dry place inside your home, you can purchase a storage container for ammunition.

If possible, place the container on a shelf or in a drawer. It can help to prevent it from knocking over.

One of the worst places to store your ammunition is in the garage. Make sure to consider the ideal ammo storage temperature. The temperature extremes and moisture you can find in a garage can ruin your ammunition and make it unsafe to use.

If you must store ammunition in a basement or garage, keep it away from chemicals or other flammables. Heat can cause the powder in ammo to degrade and become ineffective.

Keep Security in Mind

When storing ammo, it is important to keep security in mind. You want to ensure that your ammunition is accessible to you but away from children and pets. A good option for storing ammunition is in a locked cabinet or closet. You can also consider investing in a gun safe to store your ammunition and other firearms.

Check Ammo Condition Before Storing

Storing ammo in good condition will help ensure it is ready to use when needed. There are a few things to look for when checking the condition of ammo.

Check the manufacturer’s expiration date. The ammunition may not be safe to use if the date has passed.

Inspect if there is any physical damage to the ammunition. The ammo may not fire if the brass has dents or if there is damage in the bullet.

Don’t forget to check the primer to make sure it is intact. If the primer is damaged, the ammo will not fire. Rounds with damages or corrosion should be disposed of.

Important Ammo Storage Supplies

It’s essential to store ammo to avoid accidents and ensure good condition. Several supplies can help in maintaining their condition. Here is a list of the most common you need to know:

Waterproof Ziploc Bags

Put your ammunition in the bag, close it up and then place it in your storage container. If you don’t have ammo boxes, you can set the Ziploc Bags on a shelf or in a drawer. Waterproof Ziploc Bags will keep your ammunition dry and protected from the elements, ensuring that it will be ready to use when needed.


It will keep your ammunition dry and free of moisture. You can purchase a desiccant at most hardware stores. Be sure to follow the directions on the package, and store your ammunition in a cool, dry place.

Silica Gel

Like desiccants, silica gel helps keep moisture out and away from your ammunition. You can find silica gel at most stores that sell home improvement or gardening supplies.

Once you have the silica gel, you will need to find a way to seal your ammunition. You can do it by using an airtight container or wrapping your ammunition in a material that will not allow moisture to penetrate.

Ensure Safety When You Store Ammo at Home

You should store ammunition in a dry, cool place. An airtight container is ideal, such as a plastic container or a sealed ammo can. Store ammunition away from any heat source, keep it out of sunlight, and don’t store ammo next to chemicals or explosives.

Store ammo at home by following these guidelines. It ensures your proper ammunition storage and lasts a long time.

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