Best Websites to Improve Typing Speed

Writing is part of our lives, especially as students. Furthermore, it is imperative to improve your typing speed as you get to higher school levels, and here is a nice list of websites to improve your writing speed.


Official Site


Keybr is a page that offers a typing practice service within its platform quite easily, looking for people to improve their writing skills.

Within the page, we will find practice options to improve users’ writing abilities. Besides having several options to improve, it all depends on the user. It also has a multiplayer mode to improve while practicing with another person.

Moving forward, the registration within Keybr is free. You only have to log in with a Facebook or Google account, and the profile will be saved in the cloud of the page without creating a user.

Also, the page is a reliable method for those people who want to improve their writing. Several reviews show this as well as the number of users on the page.


  • It’s a platform that uses different methods to improve writing.
  • It has different backgrounds to customize the page to your liking.
  • On the other hand, it is all in English.


  • It does not have a remote application.

Having said that, we can say that this is a complete platform to start.

Official Site is part of the website, but the main difference is that you are not teaching a subject or language, but you help people improve their writing ability.

Within the page of, you can find several options to improve, whether you have experience and want to participate as a teacher and practice simultaneously, or you enter as a student who wants to improve their writing skills.

One good thing about the platform is that it is free for students and teachers, making it quite appealing for people to use and improve their skills.

As supports the page, we can say it has a lot of confidence. We can see different testimonies of people who have gone through the platform within its portal and have recommended it.


  • It offers teaching of other things besides writing.
  • You can use the platform to teach other people.
  • Its interface is simple and easy to use.


  • It does not have a platform for telephones, so it is not of remote use.

This is why is a complete platform that still needs to improve some things, such as an app for remote use, but otherwise, it is complete and reliable.


Official Site


TypingClub is a platform that seeks to provide the opportunity to improve in terms of writing and also allows different schools to use its service due to its high effectiveness.

Within TypingClub, you can get different methodologies that seek to improve your writing, using more didactic aspects not to get bored in the process.

Furthermore, while TypingClub urges that your page is and will always be free to use for those who decide to join, it also has a paid option for those who want to enjoy some extra features and support the service’s maintenance.

As for the page’s reliability, we have many allies, such as Google. In addition, you can read testimonials from users who have been part of the community giving their vote of confidence to the platform within your page.


  • The interface is easy to use.
  • It has different teaching methods.
  • It is not necessary to create an account.


  • The paid version takes most of the features.

TypingClub is recognized and used within different schools and has great allies that promote its service, so it is one of the complete services you can find within the market.

Typing Academy

Improve Typing Speed

Official Site


Typing Academy offers tests on its page to know the writing speed and offers courses to improve within this area.

Besides, within Typing Academy, we can achieve different ways to measure the progress you have in terms of writing and tips to use within the platform so that people who use their service become better writers.

While Typing Academy can be used at no cost, people can choose to pay for premium content, and the estimated price is $5 per member per month. However, promotions and membership discounts are available.

Moving forward, you can get reviews of this page as it is quite reliable. Besides, it has a section for those who have participated on the page and left their testimonies.


  • It offers techniques to improve writing speed.
  • It has several useful tips for people to improve their writing.


  • It only works in US English.

That’s why we can say that Typing Academy is a good service, but it still has things to improve to have more presence in the market where it is located.

The Typing Cat

Improve Typing Speed

Official Site


The Typing Cat is a platform that ensures that people improve their writing skills using different methodologies and techniques within their platform.

The platform seeks people to learn and improve their writing skills while knowing different things, such as geography and mathematics, besides having options to play while learning, seeking that its users enjoy the platform.

The Typing Cat can be a free service but is limited in the elements used, or you can pay $1.50 per month to access the premium package.

Within their site, you can get testimonials that confirm the security you have when using the platform, so we can say that The Typing Cat is a reliable option.


  • Its interface is easy to use.
  • It is customizable for the user in terms of themes and keyboards to practice.


  • The basic courses are very few.

This is why The Typing Cat is positioned as a reliable and recommended platform to learn and improve our writing, although it still has several points to improve. But, on the other hand, it has the lowest price for a premium package.


Improve Typing Speed

Official Site


Typesy is software used to provide families and schools with the opportunity to improve their writing skills.

Typesy offers various courses after downloading from the platform, which varies according to the plan you have decided to purchase within the website and is accessible once the software is installed on a computer.

Furthermore, the costs of Typesy range from $60 to $200 for schools and cheaper plans of $30 for those who wish to use it for themselves. Besides, Typesy has, like other sites, a section of testimonials from people who have used the site’s services to improve their writing skills. They also have several reviews that encourage the use of their services.


  • It has several payment methods.
  • Its interface is easy to use.


  • Is quite expensive

Typesy is a good option for improving writing; however, you can get cheaper options that offer a range of similar courses for its costs.


Improve Typing Speed

Official Site


It is a platform that offers people within its website the opportunity to improve their writing skills and virtual classrooms.

Within the Ratatype platform, we can find different methods to improve writing, access different courses that offer techniques to improve this area and provide tests to check their users’ progress.

Ratatype is a free platform that only requires an account to access its services, but donations can be made to maintain the site and its services in good condition.

You can also find several reviews of the page on the website and testimonials on social networks that give credibility to what Ratatype does and offers.


  • It has several languages to practice within the platform.
  • It is a didactic platform to learn new techniques and methods to teach.


  • More elements could be added to make the page more attractive.

Ratatype is a service recommended for those who want to improve their writing skills with different techniques despite working with donations.

Bottom Line

Improving your writing and typing skills is essential. Some programs like Typesy may be amazing regarding results, but the price is higher than usual. On the other hand, you can find many options at lower prices or even get along with free content.