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Investing money online has now become one of the most popular ways to earn money for all kinds of investors, big and small, dedicated and occasional. The options of gains are high, but higher are the chances of failure, thus losing the money invested.

Investopedia Academy is a website dedicated to offering courses and online material to all types of investors, so if you need to strengthen or even base your trading knowledge for options, values, and even cryptocurrencies, this website could work.

About Investopedia Academy

Initially, Investopedia was founded in 1999, but the Online Academy is a relatively new product.

With so much experience it is reasonable that they have solid knowledge in the area of trading and investment, in fact, most of their instructors are renowned characters in the investment sector.

What they seek with this website is to satisfy the needs of consumers and/or investors eager for deeper, solid knowledge about financial issues, but with the support of a reliable brand at a good value.

You will need to register a user, a procedure that is free, to benefit from the content of this page.

Once you are done, you can enjoy free webinars archived on the site, or pay for courses. Mostly, the courses allow you to learn at your own pace, having to dedicate from a few minutes to hours depending on the course you have chosen, a highlight is that once you pay for a course you can check the videos and other material for life without paying again, but you cannot download the videos.

Their products

Although trade courses stand out, this platform offers material related to personal finances, as well as Excel courses applied to trade in case you want to obtain practical financial knowledge in the mentioned fields.

As for the courses, these are dedicated to all types of investors, both experienced and new, for example, these are some of the most outstanding:

Trading for beginners:

Among other things, it explains the difference between trade and investment, the types of markets in which to manage and their characteristics, what a work plan is and how to carry it out.

Taught by RJ Hixson, this course prepares new investors about the how and why of operations, including risk management. In total, you must complete the 50 lessons to receive a certificate of completion. The cost is 199 $.

Technical analysis course:

This course is dedicated to people with intermediate knowledge and aims to understand the execution of a much more thorough analysis of prices, the correct interpretation and reading of graphs and price indicators.

Taught by the popular trade mentor and Authorized Market Technician (CMT) JC Parets, you will learn how to make education projections about price targets, also to plan exit strategies for losses and benefits. They are more than 75 lessons with very varied content. To acquire this course you must pay 199 $.


Cryptocurrency of trade:

Also qualified as an intermediate course, it is very valuable, because gradually the brokers are opening to the option of operating with cryptocurrencies.

This course allows you as a student to take advantage of cryptocurrencies/altcoins large and small, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, DASH and more to enjoy a more balanced portfolio. They are more than 70 lessons and also have a price of $ 199.

Trading styles

Whether you are an expert, or if you plan to start in this world, Investopedia Academy incorporates practically all popular commercial styles, such as daily trade and swing trade and content related to a wide variety of cross-asset.

This website also welcomes investors from all over the world interested in exchanging or learning.

You will find very practical information on trading algorithms, scanners, and trading automation, complementary courses such as budgets, credits, and personal finance management, also Microsoft Excel courses.

An added value is that generally these courses are offered according to the level of knowledge of each student, so you can take it where you need it.

To Sum Up

Getting reliable knowledge online, with real value and at a reasonable price can be a real challenge, but this provider, dedicated to educating anyone who wants it, has a recognized track record and valuable resources to achieve their educational goals.

The website is not difficult to explore, creating a user is simple and you can opt for free seminars in the first instance if you are not sure to buy, additionally, they have a 30-day return policy.

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