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Few expressions of art have a more universal reach than music. Even if it comes from other latitudes and we don’t understand the singer’s language, it manages to arouse admiration and many other feelings in us, reasons why it’s no wonder that places to learn music online are becoming more and more popular each year.

But what about music learning sites?

In an era where information is available to everyone, it has never been easier to learn music without the need to go to a classroom and everything that goes with it.

Learn Music Online

Another advantage of learning music online is that you can repeat the lessons as many times as you need.

To help you find the best online place to learn at your own pace, we’ve prepared a list of 7 recommended sites for learning music, covering all major instruments. –Possessing this information will help you express your own version of the song you like or enjoy at another level while listening to it.



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Like Coursera, Udemy is not a website specializing in music, but they seek to offer students registered on its website as much material as possible.

This way, they see themselves as the leading global learning and teaching virtual store, connecting students everywhere with the world’s best teaching.

Fortunately, music is one of the site’s main categories. In fact, at the time of this review, almost 3100 music courses (3097) were available, from prices as reasonable as $12.99 and up.

Like the previous website, the number of courses is almost abysmal, so you need to know exactly what you’re looking for before diving in. You can explore the list by starting with the most popular courses (most chosen by students) or the outstanding courses (best according to the site).

Another useful list is popular topics, where you can find ideas such as violin, guitar, or singing classes. You can also select the courses taught by the most popular instructors. Besides, the site offers many useful tools to get along with your practices.


Learn Music

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The thing is that Coursera is not a site dedicated exclusively to providing music classes, but they offer courses of the greatest variety possible. As a result, Coursera is a good place to learn music online and other things related to music.

In this regard, this website provides universal access to the world’s best education by partnering with prestigious universities and organizations to offer online courses.

Note that courses include recorded video lectures, self-rated and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums.

Besides -And this is a BIG pro-. When you complete a course, you will receive an electronic course certificate that can be shared.

On the other hand, prices vary depending on the topic you choose, although you may run into some free courses.

Speaking specifically of music, you’ll find various topics, including the basics of music, music production, music business, learning electronic music, and even classes on Beatles music, to name a few examples.

Keep in mind that it is widespread for some of these courses to be framed in specializations, more advanced and expensive than average courses.



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Lightnote is one of the most popular online places to turn on music.

The main reason for its popularity is how they have designed the site so that everyone who logs in can easily find the lessons they are looking for in their learning process on their own using the internet –You know, that thing called e-learning.

Therefore, this site is perfect for those with a lot of enthusiasm but who are completely unaware of the music’s lies.

When you enter the site, you can perceive that they start with the basics, explaining to the readers what sound waves are and how a variation in the wave frequency or amplitude of the wave alters the tone. That is the starting point for the student within this website.

We must indicate that the content covers topics that, to a certain extent, are quite simple: sound waves, harmony, pentatonic scales, chords, and keys, among other things. Besides, a section is dedicated to explaining the guitar’s theory, and another is dedicated to piano theory.

On the downside, there is hardly any content about other “not so popular” instruments here, so piano yourself up and train here, or go to one of the other sites listed here to get your “so-wanted” viola lessons.

Music Theory

Learn Music

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Clearly, the name Music Theory indicates its purpose, which is to impart as much information as possible about music theory, ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

The best news about this website is that all online content is free, so you only need to invest time. The lessons contained here, among other topics, cover:

  • The basics: keys and ledger lines, note duration, measurements, and time signature.
  • Rhythm and meter: simple and composite meter, odd meter.
  • Scales and key signatures: major scale, minor scales, key signatures, calculation of key signatures.
  • Intervals: generic, specific, writing.
  • Choirs: introduction to chords, inversion triad, seventh inversion of the chord.
  • Diatonic Hearts: diatonic triads compose of minor scales and vocal cords.

To support this site’s work, you can buy one of its apps compatible only with Apple and Android technology. One is the site’s replica with theoretical lessons, while the other app (Tenuto) is an offline and improved version of exercises.



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Founded to help people passionate about learning but looking for a reliable source of information with high-quality teachers, ipassio arose from the perception of e-learning of its founders, Tanuj Shah and Anuj Shah.

The idea was to provide a space where people from all over the world could learn, so the number of students per course is limited, helping those who have difficulty concentrating and allowing the teacher to give personalized attention to everyone.

Although you will learn about different subjects, the courses related to music are framed in musical instruments and vocal music.

This means that, unlike other websites, they do not deal directly with the fundamentals of music. Still, they deal with the necessary fundamentals according to the instrument you want to know.

Also, vocal music courses will help you to manage your voice properly.

We must point out that this site is based on people living in India, but you can schedule some courses that best suit you.

To pay, you must use Paypal since they do not have other methods registered.

Theta Music Trainer

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This is a fairly simple website design and many short courses, but its quality cannot be overlooked.

Theta Music Trainer employs a complete system of courses and games that will sharpen your musical ear, strengthen your music theory skills, and make you a better all-around musician. –Besides, if you’re new to auditory training, you can start with the free introductory course.

This is a site specially dedicated to training musicians who can create music without overlooking the essential elements of music.

The advantage is that the content of the site is free. In addition, they use a three-color system, which separates the introductory course (identified as gray) from the basic level courses (distinguished by yellow) and intermediate (green).

When you use the games after studying the corresponding lesson, you can perceive how your musical skills develop.

Anyhow, regardless of the instrument or genre you go for, there are certain basic concepts and skills you must master to become a musical artist or creator, and the fundamentals section helps you understand them.


Through the web, you will come across many sites to learn music that claims to be the best, but you will understand that this is not the case by studying the content.

To save you time, focus on finding the lessons you have in mind and think you need in our list of sites. You have free, paid online sites focused on different visions, but all with a high level of quality.

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