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Nowadays, CBD products are known to be especially beneficial for health. They can be utilized as a treatment for anxiety, circulatory problems, and even neurodegenerative diseases. However, few companies are producing reliable CBD products. This is the premise that Medterra seeks to fulfill, bringing you a catalogue of CBD compound products.

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They assure you they will offer you the best products on the market in many presentations. You can get your hands on classic CBD oil or less frequently used options such as gummies or ointments made with CBD. This comes with the absence of GMO and grains in its formula. Therefore, you’ll be purchasing an American product that is entirely sourced from cannabis.

There is certainly an immense variety of items on Medterra’s platform. Many products comprise its catalogue, so analyzing your page can become a little uphill. For this reason, we bring you a guide with which you will know its platform’s most important products and all the features that compose it. We guide you to Medterra’s prices, payment methods, security, and customer reviews.

What is Medterra?

As we introduced you, it is a company that sells CBD items. You will be able to get yourself many types of products, among them: creams, oils, edibles, and pet products. Thus, they manage to facilitate your access to these kinds of items.

Undoubtedly, the best-known product of the whole platform is its CBD oil. They have a wide variety of presentations, currently having more than 5 different types:

  • Isolate CBD Oil
  • Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
  • True Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • CBG + CBD Full Spectrum Tincture
  • True Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500 mg

Its original version, Isolate CBD Oil, is the most purchased of all these options. The fact that it is a simple version does not mean it is poor quality. On the contrary, it is a product with high purity and fully certified origin. They assure you that it comprises 99% CBD and residues of organic MCT oils.

You can purchase any of their oils in different presentations based on the concentration of the product. This will particularly impact the oil’s strength, so you should be very careful with the presentation you want to purchase. You can also make changes to the flavour. However, this option is only available for the Spectrum line.

On the other hand, they have the same style of products with a capsule presentation. This leaves out the oil’s flavour so that it can be a particular advantage for certain customers. You can purchase any oils in this presentation except for CBG + CBD Full Spectrum Tincture and True Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500 mg. They also include Medterra’s Good Night Capsules as an additional option, a product intended for use as a sleeping pill.

As with the oils section, you can make certain changes to the product’s strength. This option is only found on certain items.

You also have a line of gummies, ointments, and pet food at your disposal. All of these come with corresponding strength and flavour customization, if available.

How does Medterra work?

Medterra works just like any other online store on the web. You will find a list of available products when you enter their platform. These are classified according to the type of product.

If you find a product that interests you, just enter the details provided by Medterra. Here you will select the concentration of CBD you want along with additional features such as flavor.

It is worth noting that you can subscribe to a payment plan before purchasing. This is especially useful if you are a constant user of products composed of CBD. You only have to access the Medterra rewards section to purchase this plan.

This plan contains several exclusive features. When you purchase it, you will receive a special discount on your purchases at Medterra. In addition, you will receive a welcome gift for logging in, early access to different products, and even exclusive Medterra-branded apparel.

On the other hand, you may feel a bit lost within the platform’s catalogue. If this is your situation, it is recommended that you complete the Medterra test to determine which type of product is perfect for you. Within the quiz, you will be asked questions about your goal and your experiences with CBD. Upon completion, you will have a series of options recommended by Medterra’s system.

How much does Medterra cost?

The cost of Medterra products depends entirely on the item you are purchasing. In the case of CBD oil, the platform’s flagship product, this costs $199.99.

Meanwhile, the capsule presentation has a much lower cost even though it is the same product. This is $99.99, but it only contains 30 capsules per day. The amount can be reduced considerably if you purchase Medterra’s payment plan.

The payment plan must be paid monthly. It costs $4.49 for your subscription. You are always better off purchasing the plan because of the cost difference over the non-subscription method. For example, when using a subscribed account, the Isolate CBD Oil will go from costing $199.99 to $139.99. Likewise, the capsulated presentation will reduce its value to $69.99.

The advantages of the payment plan don’t stop there. You will also receive free shipping within the United States and the benefit of their warranty system.

Rewards Program

You can join Medterra’s rewards program to earn free rewards for just making purchases. The program is based on a point system. You can earn points for creating your account and every dollar you spend on the platform. These points will be used in the Medterra Rewards Program store to earn free products.

You also have other ways to earn points on the platform. You will be awarded 10 points for sharing the Medterra page on social media. Likewise, there is a referral system where you can give 25% off to your referral if their purchase is over $40. When they do this, you will be given $25 in the form of points for your rewards program.

Once you decide to redeem the points, you will be able to do it under the following equivalence:

  • $10 for 200 points
  • $25 for 500 points
  • $50 for 1000 points

Please note that the amount redeemed can only be used for purchases within Medterra. You will see the value of the points in the rewards program section during the checkout process. Here, you will choose the amount you wish to redeem, and its value will be debited from the total amount to be paid.

Finally, this rewards program is also composed of a tier system. Silver, Gold, and Purple levels are from lowest to highest in the hierarchy. The highest reward is achieved with the Purple level and allows you to get double tip days, points for your birthday, clothing items, etc.

You must earn certain points to move up in this level system. Only players with over 1000 points during the year will be part of the Purple level.

Payment methods

Currently, only Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX credit cards are available as payment methods. They do not have PayPal among their alternatives.

On the other hand, you will be notified of any taxes to be paid before selecting the payment method.

Return conditions

You have up to 30 days to return your product. The product must not be opened or damaged. The amount compensated by Medterra will correspond to the total amount minus the shipping cost, if any. The only scenario where they will be responsible for the shipping cost is when the delivery was due to carrier error.

On the other hand, if your item is damaged, you must report the situation within 48 hours to receive a replacement.

The return process can be done from the contact section on the Medterra website.

Promotional codes

If you enter the promotional code 50THRUDEC, you will receive a 50% discount during December. This promotion can only be used by those users who are part of Medterra’s payment plan. You can also receive a 25% discount by using the code FNFSALE.

NOTE: These codes are valid for certain products and can be entered during checkout. 

New Customer Warranty

If you are a new customer at Medterra, you can use its warranty system. This will allow you to return the product received within 30 days. No cases are received under this exceptional warranty, so the company will initiate a return if you are unsatisfied with the product.

The warranty is exclusive to new customers and is limited to a single product. The remaining products must be unopened and undamaged if you purchased multiple items in a single order.

Is it safe to use Medterra?

This is one of the most recognized companies in the entire CBD market. It has been approved by a large number of doctors all over the world, so their items do not pose a risk. You can even access the Certificates of Analysis section, where you will find all the certificates of their products. Each one of them has its document with the relevant studies.

Regarding transactions, there is no reason not to feel safe in Medterra. The platform takes full care of the information you enter; not much data is requested.


Medterra has all the necessary documents to work with CBD products. In turn, they limit themselves to using THC concentrations categorized as legal. In this way, Medterra stays within legal limits.


With all the necessary certificates and Medterra’s strong support in the health area, there is no reason to be suspicious. If you want CBD products, this is a safe option.


  • A large number of presentations
  • Concentration and customizable flavours
  • Quality analysis of each of its products
  • Multiple promotions and discounts
  • Simple purchasing system


  • Few payment alternatives
  • Complex warranty conditions

Complaints and opinions

There are no problems with the quality of the products offered by Medterra. Its customers are very satisfied with the type of purchase they have made. There are no complaints related to this section.

However, some negative opinions exist about the platform’s customer service system. On many occasions, its customers state that returns are very complex. In addition, the platform’s customer service fails to facilitate the return process.

To Sum Up

In a nutshell, it is an excellent platform to buy CBD products. Here, you can get yourself products of the highest quality with a wide variety of presentations. Moreover, they are not limited only to one type of use for CBD. You can find presentations for sleep, concentration, relaxation, etc.

On the other hand, its offers system is quite interesting because of the discounts you can get. After using the available promotions, you can pay less than 50% of the original price.

Thus, Medterra is undoubtedly one of the platforms you should consider if you want to buy CBD products. Even if you are new, the platform will be friendly and guide you through the buying process.

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