Mind, Body and Soul Food: Incredible Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

The broad-stroke benefits of following a vegan diet are that your body, mind, and soul feel better. With roughly 73 million vegans worldwide, and 19 million people in the USA eating food that is exclusively plant-based, it looks like this growing trend is here to stay.

For some people, the idea of eschewing the consumption of animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy (that includes cheese) is a decision they are not yet ready to make. Yet there is no harm in at least trying vegan food. Who knows, you might even like it, especially when you consider the benefits.

Benefits for the Body

The benefits of eating vegan — with a bit of planning — include promoting weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. You’re less likely to get colon cancer, the third leading cause of death related to cancer in the USA. A vegan diet is also a very effective way of managing diabetes.

Going vegan doesn’t automatically imply you will be healthier, though. The key to avoiding becoming either overweight or malnourished when following a vegan diet is variety.

Whole grains and leafy green vegetables and nuts will give you the essential fatty acids you need. Soy products and legumes will provide you with more than enough protein, while fresh and dried fruit (and some legumes) are a great source of iron.

The main nutritional challenge for vegans is vitamin B12, which is not found in plants. Finding fortified cereals and rice or supplements will take care of that. Vitamin D deficiency is something that even non-vegans can suffer from. You can fix that by getting fifteen minutes of exposure to sunlight per day, and many soy products are fortified with Vitamin D.

If you make the switch to eating vegan, you’ll immediately realize how much better it is for your digestive system. This alone will give you an energy boost that is hard to achieve as an omnivore!

If you need inspiration for vegan options, why not try food that can be delivered right to your doorstep? Either that, you go out to a vegan-only restaurant with friends and family. Eating vegan food is a pleasurable, enjoyable activity to be shared!

A Vegan Diet for the Mind

You’ve heard the saying “a healthy body for a healthy mind.” Well, it’s that simple. When your body works under optimal conditions, your brain and mind flourish. Not only does your thinking seem clearer, but a good vegan diet will also give you more stamina to concentrate for longer.

Food For the Soul

Following a vegan diet makes you mindful of what you eat. But there is another dimension to the vegan lifestyle: the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are not harming other living creatures and not participating in animal husbandry practices that negatively impact climate change.

So, isn’t it time you headed down to the local farmer’s market or started planting some leafy greens yourself? Stock up on the fruits and vegetables in season. Oh, and by the way, vegans experience increased libido and are generally happier.

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Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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