5 Mistakes to Avoid in Video Production for Social Media

Did you know that Twitter posts with videos are ten times more likely to engage the audience than those without? This shift toward the dominance of videos on social media means that companies need a social media video strategy sooner rather than later. Video production for social media may seem easy and fun, but there are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Keep reading to find out what those mistakes are and how to fix them today.

1. Ignoring Mobile Optimization

Videos that are produced with larger resolution and bitrate will not play efficiently on mobile devices. By not properly adjusting the video specifications, viewers may become dissatisfied with your social media videos and engage less with your content.

Mobile optimization includes considering aspects such as file size, bitrate, frame rate, and resolution when shooting videos for mobile platforms. By being mindful of these, digital marketing strategies and viewing experiences would be improved.

2. Lengthy Introductions

Introductions extending more than 10-15 seconds become boring and might cause viewers to lose interest and not watch the entire video. Introductions should be kept short and concise while still being creative and appealing.

Give the viewer a quick summary of what the video will discuss or a brief overview of the main point. Additionally, try to set the tone and story within the first few seconds. This will help grab the viewer’s attention and keep them invested in the video.

3. Poor Audio Quality

Poor audio quality can take away from the audience’s engagement with the video and any message it seeks to communicate. Using a low-quality microphone can lead to a muffled sound that is hard to make out and detracts from the quality of the video.

Background noise should be minimized for a clear sound. Using a directional or lavalier microphone can help reduce background noise and ensure a higher-quality sound. Finally, all sound should be monitored while recording and editing the audio of all video productions.

4. Lack of Storytelling

It’s easy to focus too much on visuals and miss the most powerful component of social media marketing: the story. Without a story, consumers may be confused about their use of the video and how it relates to them. Audiences won’t have the necessary context to engage with the content, and your video may miss the point of its purpose.

To produce videos that are engaging and memorable, use storytelling techniques to draw viewers in. Walk them through the narrative of what, why, and how the featured video content is relevant to them.

5. Ignoring Platform-Specific Guidelines

Video producers should be aware of allowed content types and restrictions, such as the length of videos padded with content. Look for freelancers for agencies found here who are familiar with issues that may arise and any other guidelines specific to the platform and country. This way, you’ll prevent any problems along the way.

Research and understand the guidelines for each platform prior to developing a video. Test videos thoroughly across different platforms before the video’s official launch to guarantee the best possible outcome for your digital marketing campaign.

Ace Video Production for Social Media

Video production for social media is a great way to reach new audiences. However, mistakes can cost valuable time and money, so avoiding them is important.

Always be sure to plan your shoot in advance, keep an eye on your time, and never skimp on quality. When done right, video marketing for social media can be incredibly effective. Produce great video content for your social media channels today!

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Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

Carla is a high performing marketing professional with 5+ years of experience driving growth of in a variety of corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Strong command of digital operations with exposure to influencer marketing strategy, branding, analytics, SEO/SEM, customer success, content development, and social media Core expertise lies in managing end-to-end campaigns, creating memorable content, and facilitating improved conversion rates to enhance e-commerce operations. Adept in ensuring alignment with organizational goals, facilitating streamlined operations, and leveraging a data driven strategy used to make insightful marketing decisions.