5 Reasons You Should Switch to Vaping

Over the last decade, technology has led to an increase in the popularity of vaping. As a result, the vaping market share is expected to have a 30% annual growth rate between 2022 to 2030.

Vaping is recognized as the best option to help you quit smoking. Smoke from electronic cigarettes does not contain carcinogens as compared to tobacco cigarettes. In addition, Vaping helps the body clear harmful debris caused by the accumulation of tar.

So, if you are at a fix on whether or not to consider vaping, here are five reasons you should switch from smoking to vaping.

1. Improved Health

Research shows that tobacco cigarettes contain about 7,000 different chemicals, and around 70 of them have been linked to causing lung diseases and cancer.

On the other hand, Vapes contain an e-liquid made from three substances, propylene glycol, glycerol, and nicotine, none of which cause illnesses.

Once you switch to vaping, breathing becomes easier since there is no clogging in the bronchus due to tar.

2. Saving You Money

Due to the constant rise in the prices of cigarettes, vaping ought to save you more money. In addition, once you buy a vape, you are only required to refill the e-liquid, often once a month.

This is quite cheaper than constantly buying a packet of cigarettes and even lasts longer.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Compared to the restrictions on cigarette smoking zones, you can almost vape anywhere. In addition, smoke from e-cigarettes vaporizes in seconds and doesn’t linger on clothes or hair.

Vape pens come infused with different flavors that make the smoke smell aromatic. For this reason, you can socialize while smoking and even carry your vaporizer to the club.

Cigarette filters are among the top pollutants in the environment. This is because smokers toss them on the ground. However, vape cartridges are easier to dispose of as compared to filters.

4. Convenience

Most vape devices are available in different sizes, flavors, and mod styles and can even be customized to the users’ liking.

Full spectrum vapes are now available in the market for people who prefer to vape weed. They last longer and give the user an enjoyable sensation.

Additionally, vape devices use rechargeable batteries, so you don’t need to worry once you run out of charge.

5. Easy Way to Quit Smoking

Vaping is the most effective way to quit smoking tobacco. Vaping gives the user the same effect they’d get from cigarettes, but in a safer way.

Unlike cigarettes, vape users can control the nicotine levels they refill to the e-liquid. With great vaping tips, it’s easy to quit smoking tobacco without getting withdrawal symptoms gradually.

Switch to Vaping

Smoking tobacco can be addictive, and this makes quitting hard. It might even lower your self-esteem if you can’t manage to follow your quitting plan.

On the bright side, vaping has made it easier for most smokers to quit using cigarettes and switch to vaping easily.

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Carla Gayou
Carla Gayou

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