Revolver vs Pistol: Are They the Same?

People may not always realize the intricacies of firearms, but they make a difference.

Most people would choose a handgun for their personal or professional defense needs. These weapons are powerful, and proper handling is a must.

What’s confusing for most people about handguns are the revolver and pistol. The pistol and revolver are two of the most popular types that exist today.

Learn the difference between a revolver vs pistol here. Understand the difference between those two and choose which works for you best.

What Are Revolvers?

Revolvers are preceding semi-automatic guns. They usually hold five or six rounds of bullets in a rotating cylinder. The frames are either aluminum or steel.

This handgun is also called a wheel gun. It tends to be double-action/single action or double-action only. If you’re starting with a revolver, you should master the DA pull first.

Pros of Revolvers

Revolver-type firearms are about as safe and foolproof firearm as one could want.

When it comes to safety, you can see if a revolver has bullets or not at the rear of the cylinder when closed. Giving it a gentle shake will make an audible loading indicator.

The DA trigger makes it hard to make the revolver fire by accident but is very sure to make it fire when you want it. The revolver’s limited capacity is an advantage for a new shooter. It helps develop practical accuracy and fire control discipline.

If you’re a beginner and want to study gunsmithing, check American Gunsmithing Institute.

Revolvers are more accurate than most semi-automatic pistols because the barrels stick to the frame.

Cons of Revolvers

The revolver has one disadvantage over the semi-auto pistol. It does not do well under muddy combat conditions.

What Are Pistols?

These types of handguns work like their name implies – semi-automatic.

When you pull the trigger of a semi-automatic pistol, you remove the spent cartridge and load a fresh one, along with firing a single round. Some may refer to semi-automatic pistols as self-loading or single-barrel pistols.

Much like a DA revolver, DA/SA semi-auto handguns like the Beretta 92 have a heavier trigger pull.

Pros of Pistols

When differentiating revolver vs pistol, there are two advantages of semi-automatic pistols. They have high magazine capacity and are easy to reload.

Cons of Pistols

The disadvantage of a semi-automatic pistol vs revolver is its potential to jam. Semi-automatic pistols are quicker to reload, but you have to know how to do it the way an expert does.

Semi-automatic pistols also tend to be more complicated to shoot. Their slides are also hard to rack.

The Difference between Revolver vs Pistol

Now you know the differences between a revolver vs pistol. These differences impact how and where you can use these firearms.

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable firearm for self-defense, you should get a revolver. A semi-automatic pistol is for you if you want a combination of performance, ease of use, and modern design.

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