Should You Own a Gun for Self-Defense?

Are you considering buying a gun for self-defense? Did you know that according to American Gun Facts, around 25.3 million adults have been in situations where they used their guns in the act of self-defense?

This leads many to the question, “Should I buy a gun for self-defense?”. While situations where you need to use a gun for self-defense are often rare, they can result in saving your life. Likewise, owning a gun for self-defense gives people the peace of mind that they are protected.

Whether or not you should own a gun for self-defense varies on your situation. Keep reading to learn if it’s the right choice for you.

What Qualifies as Self-Defense?

Self-defense seems self-explanatory. However, one of the most prominent arguments against owning a gun for self-defense is that they are often used in the wrong situations.

For example, getting in a verbal quarrel with a person does not warrant shooting a gun in “self-defense.” Likewise, if you start a physical confrontation with someone that escalates into life-threatening violence, shooting the other person would also not qualify as “self-defense.”

To use a gun for self-defense, your life must be in immediate danger, and not shooting the perpetrator will result in death or severe injury.

If this does not apply to your situation, you will likely receive significant legal trouble and even murder charges.

Self-Defense of Property and Family

One of the main reasons that people choose to own a gun is to protect their property and/or family from intruders. Of course, this is a valid concern, and owning a gun can serve as a great protection tool.

Though, a huge misconception people have is that you can legally shoot anyone who steps onto your property or breaks into your house.

The truth is that unless the intruder is causing an imminent threat to you or your family’s life, shooting them could get you into lots of legal trouble. It could also be a person who had no intention of harming you in the first place.

Gun Laws in Your State

Before choosing to own a gun for self-defense, it’s important to be aware of the specific gun laws in your state. In certain states like New York or Massachusetts, gun laws are extremely strict, and owning one for self-defense may not be advisable for your situation.

In open-carry states like Arizona or Texas, gun laws are much looser, and the laws for self-defense look different. For example, in Arizona, the use of force (not deadly force) is permitted against trespassing, property damage, criminal property damage, and theft.

Learning about concealed carry, open carry, and self-defense laws is key in determining if owning a gun is the right choice for you.

Buying a Gun for Self-Defense

Whether or not you should buy a gun for self-defense is entirely a personal decision. While it is still a continuous argument among many, it’s important to evaluate your situation at hand.

All in all, it’s most important to know what qualifies as self-defense and familiarize yourself with the gun laws in your state.

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