Sites Like Patreon to Make an Income with Your Creations

Sites Like Patreon

Patreon broke the internet when it came out as a great place to share ideas and content, but being the first doesn’t make you the best! So, here we bring you a list of sites like Patreon to earn an income with your creations.

Making stuff is excellent. Whether you are a designer or illustrator, or even a cosplayer, there is a chance of you making money from your art! So, let’s open our list by talking a bit about what Patreon has to offer you:

Patreon Review

Patreon is a platform that has recently become popular on the Internet, offering exclusive services and content in exchange for a monthly subscription. This is on behalf of the content creator and the person who wants to subscribe. The content creator uploads a publication, either a video or a photo, which subscribed people can only see.

Depending on the subscription level, subscription prices vary greatly, known as “Tier” on this platform. Patreon classifies subscriptions into Lite, Pro, and Premium. Some content creators customize the names of these tiers, but in theory, they still work the same way.

Patreon has become the primary income for many content creators because they can upload their content here and monetize it in a more accessible and much faster way. In addition, you as a fan can support your favorite YouTube writer or artist by donating a monthly amount in exchange for a large amount of content.

Some people upload to Patreon only exclusive content that is not and will not be available anywhere else. What are some of the advantages that can be mentioned about this great platform? In addition, it’s a great way to get additional payment for the creations you’re already making. The minimum fee is usually 1 euro per month, but subscriptions have no monetary limit.

Creative Ways to Make Money

Creating an account is easy. First, you have to fill in your data. In this process, you must choose whether you want to earn monthly income or per publication. After doing this process and configuring your account, you must introduce or describe your profile, explaining what you do and how you want your Patreon page to work.

Continuing with this process, you can create a series of payment options, the membership mentioned above, and offer rewards at each level. For example, the lowest monthly fees can give you access to the simplest things you do and the higher ones to exclusive content. Even content creators offer the highest subscription tier for many benefits, plus a ticket to a live show.

If you are a user looking to support your favorite creator, you must register by entering your data on the website. The next step is to search for the profile of the person you want to subscribe to and select the membership level. Once you do so, you will be taken to a payment page, where you can choose whether to pay with your credit card or through your PayPal account.


  • Excellent security on the site.
  • A lot of variety in the content created.


  • Some subscriptions can be costly.
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SuscribeStar is an independent membership platform free for musicians, visual artists, and educators. This is a flexible site that adjusts quite well to users’ needs. In addition, it offers comprehensive analytics, statistics reporting, and easy-to-understand usage policies.

The income you get will depend on the number of subscribers you have and the subscription price. Many artists, bloggers, and even musicians are moving to this platform. In a general line, anyone with a creative mind can sign up for this platform and start generating extra income.

This website takes 2.9% + USD 0.30 for every successful payment under USD 30, and 3.5% for every payment over USD 30. The rest of the money earned goes to the content creator.

A disadvantage that can be detrimental to users is that it is incompatible with PayPal. Thus, banks or ACH are the only way to make payments on this platform. However, a highlight of SuscribeStar is that it offers a section for adult content.


  • Excellent source of income.
  • Thousands of videos and different categories.


  • Few payment methods.
  • The interface is not very interactive.

Buy Me A Coffee

Official Site

A site where you can start uploading content creatively and fund it. This is a way to generate extra monthly income quite well. Many people live on the income they receive from this page.

This page works in a very particular way. Developers, graphic designers, or artists can have their community of fans that support them through their Buy Me A Coffee profile.

It offers multiple payment options, such as Stripe and Paypal, making it easy to make a one-click donation. In addition, it is possible to customize the page to say what they do and include messages to supporters, thanking them for the support they have offered.

Undoubtedly, this platform was created with content creators in mind who already have a channel on YouTube or another platform but still want to continue to receive another income.


  • Good interface.
  • Facility to send payments.


  • Platform with little recognition.



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Podia has become one of the most famous platforms on the internet for online courses. This is because it has many benefits and an infinite number of files such as videos, quizzes, exams, and much more.

This platform allows you to sell digital downloads, such as eBooks, audiobooks, PDF files, videos, and text files. You only have to prepare what you want to sell, upload it to Podia, and it will be ready to sell.

It also offers membership plans, where customers can pay a fixed monthly amount to access their uploaded content. There is also the option to create tiered memberships with different prices. For example, creating publications available to specific subscribers or making publications that everyone can see.


  • Easy to use.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Good student experience.


  • They limited automation options.
  • The support is not very good.


Official Site

It is one of the best alternatives to obtain income on the Internet. This is a platform similar to Patreon. It is very similar in operation, with the slogan “Pay me a coffee” being a platform developed in English. Ko-Fi has become famous for its level of trust since it does not share data with third-party companies, based on European laws for data limitation.

Ko-Fi works for free. The platform does not have its payment method but creates a link with the selected payment method. You can generate income through a subscription program that it offers, with a cost of about $ 6 per month. This price may vary depending on the promotions that the creator provides.


  • It is a platform without fees.
  • It has tools that make the job easier for writers.
  • This site is very versatile.


  • It is effortless.
  • It is not so well known.
  • Some functions are not free of charge.


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A platform that will undoubtedly change your current situation, where your creations will become better known and with a little more luck. Memberful is designed for those creators who want to turn their hobby into a more serious profession.

This platform will help you capture people’s attention and, little by little, make yourself known among users, grow and thus obtain an excellent fortnightly income. Furthermore, it allows you to create any subscription plan with an optimized payment, observe your statistics in real-time, and offer easy member management.

You can publish from podcasts, videos, newsletters, and exclusive content to online courses, which people can obtain through the different payment methods the site offers.


  • Works with Stripe.
  • Compatible with WordPress plugin.
  • You sell memberships without a website.


  • It is a little-used platform.
  • Unlike the competition, it has fewer options.



Official Site

A non-profit organization created in France offers a service for teams and organizations to obtain a donation. This service does not charge commissions apart from those required by its payment processors. Instead, it finances its activity through donations managed by the service itself.

As a common creator, you can register in LiberAPay and publish all your knowledge. You can create your account, fill in your details and publish something where people will support you financially.


  • Finance your projects.
  • Multiple currencies.


  • It is available in Spanish only.


Memberful and Gumroad are fantastic options if you plan to do a long-run project that gives something new every month. On the other hand, putting your projects in Buy Me A Coffee is a great chance to get started.

While Patreon is still the site with the most benefits, the massive pool of artists roaming around it makes it difficult for new talents to rise. So, try any of these sites, or even better, several of them, and promote your art until you nail a living out of it!

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