11 Best Web Developer Sites Like W3Schools

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Web development is the newest trend. Everybody wants to have their business online, but few have the proper knowledge to build an efficient and good-looking website.

If you want to learn about web development to create your site or offer freelancing services in high demand, W3Schools is the largest web developer site full of great tutorials.

Unlike other sites that are quite complicated and only confuse you more, the tutorials at W3Schools are easy to follow. They start from a basic level and move up to more advanced topics, using simple code explanations and illustrations to clarify things.

Sites Like W3Schools

And the best part of this is that everything at W3Schools is free to use. With over 45 million visitors each month, W3Schools is the top developer site nowadays. But there are plenty of sites like W3Schools where you can learn more about web development and programming.

These are some of the best ones, with a quick review of their main advantages.

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Our first W3Schools alternative is an online technology school to study web design and web development and mobile and game development courses. There are beginner and advanced levels, all uploaded by a team of expert teachers.

Learning is made easier with videos, code challenges, and quizzes, and as you learn new skills, you earn badges that are viewable by recruiters. You can access over 222 courses and thousands of videos on the website.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial and check out all the content. This website has no rush. After that, pick one of the two affordable membership plans available.


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Codecademy is a website where you can learn or improve your skills in markup languages HTML and CSS. What makes it different is that you can also take several other coding classes.

From Python and Java to PHP and SQL, here, you can learn to code interactively for free. When you subscribe to a pro membership, you also gain access to a personalized training plan and live help from advisors.

If you get stuck on an exercise, use the forums and post your question. Other users will be happy to give you detailed instructions on how to solve the problem.  There are over 45 million learners worldwide using this website, so no matter what you need, someone should be able to help.


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With over 700 tutorials and servicing over a million learners per month, this website can help you get started from scratch or improve even your most advanced skills. HTML 5, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, and Perl are just some topics you can find.

All the tips, guides, and reference sets on this site are free of charge, and the topics are neatly organized in an index down the left side of the pages. If you like the site, sign up for a free account and receive access to whitepapers, newsletters, and other premium content.


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This site is similar to W3Schools. There are over 6,000 courses in the catalog, which hundreds of subject-matter experts have created. New, fresh content is published daily, and you can even ask for specific courses to be uploaded depending on what you want to learn.

One thing you will like about this site is its adaptive skills test. In just 5 minutes, it will give you the knowledge you have on the topic and recommend a starting point, saving you time since you don’t have to go through the stuff you already know.

You can always request a mentor’s help if you have trouble with a particular topic. In addition, the site offers a free trial to watch up to 200 minutes of video and then needs to move on to a paid plan.


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If you like communities where people help each other, you will find a great one at this W3Schools alternative. With a library of high-quality tutorials that grows each day and articles from which you can learn for free, Tutorialzine can help you acquire the knowledge you are searching for.

At its hugely popular forum, you can discuss topics ranging from simple CSS or HTML questions to advanced PHP techniques. Browse the site for free, or create a free account and collaborate and comment on other members.

Experts Exchange

Official Site

One of the web developer sites is Experts Exchange. Experts Exchange is one of the best sites to find a web developer that can help each time you’re in a jam and if you have a ton of experience in this domain, register an account to help others look for answers.

You will find a place where the tech issues are solved on this site. Experts Exchange has fast solutions for problems of utmost urgency. So create your free account on this site to start building your reputation.


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If you’ve been trying to figure out a simple WordPress site, or you’re trying to code a new app from scratch, you might need a little help to get things to work.

Dev is the best place for this aid online. On this, ask questions, get answers, and chat directly in a message box.

Whoever’s online will see your question and either suggest a private chat, answer you directly on the page, or lead you in the right direction. Dev will also notify you if someone has answered your question after posting it.

Hacker News

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Hacker News is a place to tag questions, examples, and answers and find the latest tech news. With Hacker News, you will find many documents that span many subjects related to technology, like virus attacks, coding, affiliates, online shopping tips, and more.

They have their question and answer section, and points are given every time you add something good to their site. When you rack up enough points, you will be considered one of the best advice-givers on Hacker News. Do you want people to come to you directly if they have a tech question? If so, start contributing now.


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CodeRanch is a friendly place for programming greenhorns. On this site, you will find a ton of content.

CodeRanch is filled with Java information, databases, Android information, programming certifications, books, frameworks, programming jobs, and many more. With them, you will learn how to master Java and learn about the best tech books that should be added to your growing collection.

CodeRanch is great for beginners and advanced tech users. This site is easy to use, free, and has all the information you want. CodeRanch won’t disappoint, guaranteed.


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If you’re an avid internet user, you might already be using Quora, but did you know that Quora is also one of the best web developer sites for help with coding, programming, and developing?

On Quora, you need to connect a Google or Facebook account to get started. Once that’s done, you can immediately join the billions of users in the Quora community in a free-for-all question-and-answer frenzy.

This site is well organized, and everything you’re searching for is easily accessible. In addition, Quora will notify you if your question or answer has gotten a hit long after posting.


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Like Quora, Reddit is well known for its questions and answers. Unfortunately, Reddit has a plain forum interface that makes navigating it a little boring, but it’s straight to the point if you’re only looking for information.

You will find many different listings on this site, all organized with specific tags and their section. If you’re looking for programming or Android information, enter the keyword of your choice in the search bar to get started.

Every section of Reddit is different, and each section has its own rules. If you want to share links or codes, read the rules because Reddit is quick to ban its members.