Sober and Single: How to Survive Sober Dating

The social world and dating scene can often seem centered around alcohol which can be frustrating when you’re sober and single.

There are many benefits to being sober and single if you’re creative and put a little planning into your dates.

Check out these sober and single dating tips.

Have a Plan

If you plan, it’ll be easier to think of activities that don’t involve alcohol. While being spontaneous is fun, it can leave you with the usual suggestions of heading out to a bar or alcohol-centric conditioning.

Cook supper at home and pick up a bottle of sparkling cider or watch the game at home and have a sundae bar instead of a drinking one. If you’re heading somewhere with alcohol, either bring your beverage or find a non-alcoholic option that you’re comfortable with.

Physical activities such as rock climbing, paintball, hiking, or skiing can be enjoyed without feeling pressured to drink. Instead, you can easily suggest a fruit smoothie, sports drink, or hot chocolate after these events.

Unfortunately, movie theatres have started offering alcoholic beverages for those who want to have a few while enjoying the film. However, many other options are still available, and you can easily avoid feeling pressured to drink by heading to a movie instead of a club.

Be Honest and Get Creative

You don’t have to share all the details of your life and the reasons for getting sober, but it’s a good idea, to be honest about your feelings about alcohol. They can’t support you if they don’t know your goal.

This will make it easier for you to be on the same page when choosing activities. It will also give you a good idea about how supportive the person you’re dating will be of your sobriety.

The two of you can brainstorm ideas of things you’d like to do on a date. This could be a great way to get to know each other and make some great memories. Also, trying new activities together can help you bond and learn to communicate.

Sober Dating Takes Time

Sobriety is a journey, and learning to date while sober is going to be a part of it that you learn gradually and need to ease into. But, first, you must get to know yourself and learn how to cope with your emotions without alcohol before introducing another person into the dynamic.

Take your time in starting new relationships and make sure they are connections that will support and encourage your happiness. Someone who cares about you will understand and want to do all they can to help you be the best version of yourself.

Sober and Single Dating Pool

You can be sober and single and still have fun in the dating world. There are lots of places to meet people who don’t drink. It may be easier on your sobriety if you date others who don’t drink. Many athletes avoid alcohol. You could always date a Mormon. They don’t drink either.

Join sporting or community groups where you can meet new friends with new interests. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and find new activities that not only avoid alcohol but make the world a better place.

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